3 Bujo Lists for You to Try

3 Bujo Lists For You To Try

It’s Monday.  On my journaling instagram account it’s journal day.  So as a result, I’m am doing a journaling post for my blog.  Here is a quick list of three bullet journal lists you can put in your journal.  Enjoy. A nap tracker.  A great way to track what time you need a pick me […]

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10 Journal Prompts for November

1. Can you remember which colors you liked best as a child? 2. When you think of your favorite holiday, what colors do you see? 3. What color do you wish trees would turn in Fall? 4. What holiday is your biggest feast?  What is a traditional meal you eat?  What would you like to […]

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September Journal Prompts

Summer is almost over.  Fall is in the air.  Many of us have school or kids in school.  This is also a time to start thinking of the various holidays coming up.  I don’t know about you, but I often consider September the start of the year, not January.  So with that in mind, here […]

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