10 Fashion Terms to Know


It’s time for our monthly installment of ten fashion terms you should know.  In this article I put terms that you should know or are interesting to know.

Amulet: Small object believed to possess magical powers–a good-luck charm worm as protection against evil by primitive people and surviving to present time in various forms of jewelry.

Egyptian Cotton: A high quality long tape strong and lustrous cotton produced by the Nile to make fine fabrics.

Androgynous: Possessing both male and female characteristics. Popular fashion elements in the 20’s and several other decades.

Elastic: Stretchable tape originally woven with rubber yarn now uses Spandex and other similar fabrics.

Angola: A term for fabric made of 75% to 80% wool.

Goggles: Protective glasses, usually with shatterproof lenses in wide frames wrapped around the head, attached with a strap around the head and worn in sports.

Angora: Fuzzy yarn made from the under hair of the Angora rabbit.

Gray Goods: Textile term used to describe unfinished fabrics as they come off the loom.

Applique: A pattern on the surface of the fabric made by cutting out fabric and attaching it to another fabric by embroidery and stitching.

Haute Couture: Highest quality custom made clothing.

Those are your ten fashion terms for the month of September. I hope they were interesting and informative for you.






Fashion Terms for July


1. Worsted: A type of yarn that is made up of long wool fibers that are twisted and combed.  It can also be used to describe fabric that is woven or knitted.  The fabric must be made with the long wool fibers which are carded or and combed to take out the small fibers.  Fibers are further transformed by gas or flame to remove more short fibers.  Then the fabric is pressed.

2. Watch Fob: A short chain or charm engraved with initials and attached to the pocket watch.

3.Vinyl: Is a man made material that is made of plastic and can have many attributes including, but not limited to, tough, shiny, and see through. Often used as an exterior fabric for waterproofing or to resemble natural leather.  Examples include boots, raincoats and shoes.

4.Tulle: A term that refers to a fine and sheer net fabric that can be made of a variety of sources.  Mainly used for wedding veils, and fancy dress items.

5. Tailor: A term for an industry professional who can make, alter and mend clothing of various types. Also can be used as a term to refer to fit of a garment.

6. Starching: Is a finishing process of fabric in which the fabric is dipped in a solution, and pressed with heat.  The fabric is rendered stiff, but it is not a permanent state.

7. Ballet Slipper: A soft and flexible foot covering which has a minimal sole and no heel used to dance by women and children or a street style that is made to be worn outdoors of more sturdy materials than the shoe covering before.

8. Ascot scarf: A rectangular shaped scarf which often worn loosely at the neck by men and women.

9. Mourning Clothes: Clothing that is often black,  and worn for funerals, and mourning periods.

10. Mesh: A material made of flexible metal linked together to form types of garments or other fabric types of uses.

Want to know the definition of a fashion or clothing term?  Write it below and it may appear in a future list of this monthly feature.