5 Things to Do to Help the Environment


There are always so many ways to help the environment. Where do you start?  Some things seem to take a long time to do, cost so much money, or require a major life shift.  There are some things that are little things that can make a big difference.  In fact, many of these smaller things are a great way to get young children into caring for the environment.  Indirectly, many of these tips can help you save money or be more minimalistic.  It’s a win win for everyone.  Here are 5 tips you can use to up your environmental quotient.

  1. Add plants to your living space.  Plants are nature’s detoxifer.  They can help purify the air and bring the outside in.  Just adding a couple of plants to each room will help purify the air.  Then relax and enjoy.
  2. Turn off the faucet when you brush your teeth.  If you brush your teeth after every meal you can use up to as much as 45 gallons of water.  Way to much waste.  Speaking of faucets, also get a leaky faucet or running toilet fixed.  It will use less water and not annoy you as much.
  3. Support politicians, musicians, companies and websites that are devoted to helping the environment.  Your support matters.
  4. Join an organization that supports environmental causes near to your heart.  It could be an international, local, state or national organization.  There are so many out there from conservative groups to radical ones.  Some are long established others address newer concerns.  Just make sure they work within the law.
  5. Share.  One of the things that I have done to help the environment and share is giving toys to other kids in the neighborhood when my son outgrows them.  They enjoy them and they continue to get use out of them.  See if you can set up a sharing circle with some of your neighbors?  It’s a great way to get new items and not have to pay new prices.  Then they don’t end up in the landfill either.

What ideas do you do to help take care of the environment?



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5 Quick Ways to Help the Environment


We are all so busy right?  We want to do a lot of things but never seem to have the time.  Once of these things is helping out the environment.   How can we be more sustainable without spending all of our time.  Below, find 5 quick ideas to help the planet be a better place.

  1. Use biodegradable poop bags for your dog.  Yes, they exist.   Keep plastic out of the landfills.
  2. Reuse gift bags.  We have all got them for birthdays and holidays.  Too nice to throw away right?  Cut off the address tag and reuse them.  You can give gifts in them, use them to carry things, cut them up for a decoration.
  3. Buy Bamboo when possible. Bamboo is durable and fast growing. It’s renewable and sustainable. It can also be used for a variety of things from interior design and clothing, do bowls, and utensils.
  4. Volunteer for a river or park clean up.  Spend a few hours one weekend a year to help get trash out of our water supply. It will not only help keep our drinking water clean, but also keep animals from eating garbage or getting trapped in trash,
  5. Support an animal.  Volunteer or donate items to  a shelter.  Adopt through a wildlife organization or zoo your favorite animal.  I’ve sponsored endangered species  before. It’s also a great gift for others!  Christmas is coming!

What quick ways do you know that help the environment.  Share them with me.


5 Ways to Help the Environment

Helping the environment.  Doing what is right for the environment is such a political act these days.  Should it be? No one wants to drink tainted water, or breathe polluted air. So here are some ideas to do your part to help the environment survive just a little bit longer.

  1. Recycle those batteries!  Batteries contain heavy metals that can leach from the batteries and pollute the water supply.
  2. Shut off the water when you brush your teeth.  Some people let the water run.  Turn it off.  You can save gallons of water a day.
  3. Use natural personal care products when possible.  Many personal care products use ingredients that are harmful to the planet and the other life forms that live here.  Try to use natural ingredients if ever possible.
  4. Turn off the lights! Just leaving the lights on releases a large amount of greenhouse gases.  If you don’t need it, turn it off.
  5. Buy local. Buying local not only supports jobs, but it can also cut down on many pollutants.  Gas, electricity, and packing things to ship can not only cost money but add to environmental pollutants.  Learning to buy local saves on many fronts.

I hope these short ideas help you on your quest to be a better consumer and resident environmentalist.

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5 Ways To Help The Environment You Can Try Right Now!

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Trying to be environmentally friendly but don’t know where to start?  Here are five quick tips that you can incorporate into your everyday life.  Which ones are you going to try?

  1. Reusable containers. We all know about storing leftovers right?  You can also use these containers to carry you lunch, thus eliminating the need for both plastic and paper bags.  If you are going to a restaurant that loves to give large portions take a reusable container for the leftover.  Styrofoam never biodegrades! You can also use these containers for craft items, office supplies and storage for a variety of things.
  2. Tote Bags.  I can remember a time when no one bought reusable bags to the grocery store. Now it is common place. Just remember to keep the bags close at hand.  It doesn’t help if you forget to bring the bags with you.
  3. Don’t use beauty products with microbeads. Microbeads are micro plastic beads used to exfoliate the skin.  These plastic products like their bag counterparts don’t biodegrade and end up in our water supply. Yum!
  4. Save water.  There are many ways you can save on water usage.  You can install low flow toilets and shower heads. Update your appliances to make them energy efficient.  Turn off the water when you brush your teeth.  Plant a rain garden or use a water tank/barrel outside. Even take a shorter shower!
  5. Use paperclips instead of staples.  Paperclips can be used more than once!

What are some of your favorite ways to help the environment?


5 Small Tips To Help The Environment


Environmentalism is a mainstream concept today. Sometimes it can be hard to figure out how to adapt it to your daily life. Here are some ideas to adopt in your everyday life.  What are some ideas you have for other readers to help the environment.

1. Houseplants. The original air purifiers.

2. Go Native.  Check local plant nursery’s in your area to see which carry native plants and trees.  Next time you want to plant a new flower or shrub choose one from your local area.  It will help the environment and local animal and insect populations.

3. Reuse.  Kind of a no brainier right?  Reduce, Reuses, Recycle is the motto we all hear.  Are you doing all you can do?  You may have stopped using plastic bags, and Styrofoam cups, but have you bought used clothing? Furniture?  Have you looked for organic, environmentally friendly sunscreen?  There may be new ways you can alter your current habits to make a difference.

4. Curtains.  Do you open your curtains during the day to let sun in to warm up your house?  Do you close them at night to keep in the heat? Have you stopped drafts coming in from doors and windows?  Seal those gaps and holes to help keep costs and use of electricity down.

5. Stop junk mail by unsubscribing from catalogs you no longer shop with.

Pretty easy right? Look for more tips once a month here at The Northern Star.  Have some great ideas of your own?  Leave them in the comments below.