10 Fashion Terms to know


Here are ten quick fashion terms to know.

1. Action Back: Term used to describe the extra fullness at the back of a jacket, shirt or dress from the shoulder to the waist. Normally a pleat, that helps with movement.

2. Bolero: A waist length open jacket worn by women.

3. Cashmere: a luxurious fabric made from the hair of a goat that is native to Northern India’s Kashmir region as well as several other Asian nations. The wool for the fabric is taken by combing the animals.

4. Felt: Non-woven fabric made by compressing wool and hair fibers in a flat form by heat and steam.

5. Flannel: A soft, delicate fabric tightly woven into a twill or plain weave and has a soft nape.  It can be made of woolen, worsted or some combination of.

6. Mittens: Hand covering with a thumb compartment and another area for the fingers.

7. Parasol: An umbrella used for sun protection that can be made of cloth to match clothing. A popular accessory during the 19th and early 20th centuries.

8. Parka: A hooded fur jacket worn of Native Americans in the Arctic regions.

9. Taffeta: A type of crisp fabric with a smooth surface. At one time made of silk, currently made in man made fibers.

10. Ultramarine: A deep shade of purple blue.






10 Fashion Terms to know.

Yes, its another time for a fun and informative ten fashion terms to know.  Impress your friends with your new fashionista vocab! This monthly feature will have you sounded like a insider in no time.


Acrylic: Generic name for fibers and yarn that are man made from resin. Acrylic is considered an easy care item that can retain it’s shape. Used in sweaters, hosiery and dresses.

Admiralty Cloth: A Melton-type fabric used by the British Navel forces for officer’s uniforms and coats.

Cadet Blue: A light blue grey color worn by cadets at various military academies.

Cadet Cloth:  A heavy flannel cloth used for overcoats by military academy cadets in a blue grey color.

Damask:  A fabric made in a Jacquard weave in a pattern of various sizes. It reverses on the other side. Originally from Damascus, Syria.

Diadem: A crown or headpiece wider and higher toward the front.

Ikat: A method of dyeing yarn pronounced ee-kat from Malaysia.

Muslin: A fabric of plain weave in various weights that can be used in sheets, pillowcases to summer dresses and blouses. Fabric is lustrous, long wearing, soft and washable.

Rayon: A term for man-made fibers taken from trees, cotton, and wood plants. Used for it’s low cost, it can be woven or knitted. It drapes and dyes well, but wrinkles easily. Used in undergarments, dresses and shirts.

Ready-to-wear: Clothing that is mass produced in a variety of standard sizes. The first ready to wear dresses debuted in Paris in 1792.








10 Fashion Terms for November.


Balaclava- Head covering that only shows part of the face. Intended for cold climates.

Brand- Brand is a name, label, or mark assigned to a product by the manufacturer.

  1. Trademark- Word, design, or device assigned to a product or service by owner. Trademarks can be registered so that no one can use them.
  2. Oxford- A basic shoe style that either laces shut or is closed with some fastening.
  3. Pile- Loops or tufts made by cutting loops so they stand up on the surface of fabric to form the surface texture.
  4. Acetate- A Man-made fabric with a high sheen and doesn’t cling. Frequently used to line garments.
  5. Aglet- A metal or plastic cover on the end of shoelaces to keep them from coming apart.
  6. Ascot- A scarf that is tied under the chin.
  7. Babushka- A scarf shaped like a triangle that is normally worn on the head.
  8. Basque- A tight fitting bodice.

Disaster During Our Remodel!

New Cabinets going in!

Well our remodel hit a snag! We were abandoned by our contractor.  So now we are scrambling to get our project done.  We started our project to remodel our main level in our home in mid-May.  As of the end of September, it still is not finished.  It was supposed to be done at the absolute latest by the end of July.  Our contractor stopped showing up and returning our calls and emails.  Thankfully the big box retailer (Lowes) we booked them through has been trying to help us.  They are getting their other contractors to try and finish our project.

Cabinet doors and new lights.

Of course the other contractors have their Fall schedules filled already.  So we are being sloted in between jobs. Which we understand.  You can’t sideline someone else’s job to complete yours.  Our kitchen and main level is about 60% finished.

Our kitchen cabinets are in and our sink is running.  Some of the cabinets need shelving put in yet, and molding done.  We need electrical on our dishwasher, garbage disposal and outlets completed. We also need plumbing done for the dishwasher and for the half-bath.  We also need molding and touch ups done in the half-bath, living room and front entrance.  We also need the molding redone on all the doors.

Floor to ceiling cabinets. Storage!

Slowly but surely it is getting done.  The Lowes manager has been very good about communicating with us.  People have asked us if we would use Lowes again due to what has happened.  We have responded “Yes.” Lowes didn’t let us down.  It was the contractor.   In fact, once Lowes learned of the contractor leaving the stepped in to make it right.  If we had just hired the contractor without going through Lowes we would have been out of luck (and money.)

The painter has started.
Bathroom is painted. New flooring in.





Our Major Remodel

After years of saving my husband and I finally decided to renovate.   We decided to remodel our main level.  So that meant a complete kitchen gut, all the flooring on the main level, and a tiny half bath was also gutted on the main level.  At first we were not going to do the half bath, but we ended up including it as well.

We had originally wanted to also add more lights. It can get really dark on the main level.  Most of the windows we have face North and don’t get a ton of sunshine.  However after pricing it out.  To add 12 additional lights would come to a cost of about 10,000+.  The biggest expense would have been to take down the ceiling on the main level to install the lights.   There would be no point in just cutting holes in the ceiling due to not knowing where the existing electrical components were.  So we scrapped that idea.  We just could not afford it.  Not even after saving for 11+ years.

There were several other problems I wanted to address.  Storage was a huge concern. We had so many things out in the open due to no space.  I really wanted things to be put away.   The second was durability.  The previous owner of our home had dragged things across the real wood floor, marking it up beyond repair.  In addition, we had the traditional “builders white” carpet in the home.  Needless to say that after 25 years it was no longer white.  We needed durable flooring that could withstand just about anything. The same was true of the counter tops. I also wanted a new more modern paint color.  As you can tell from the “before” photos I’m not afraid of color.  I just wanted something more current.  I also wanted color that was a little more “me.”  I prefer the neutral tones. So we went with grey.

The next thing I did was draw up what I wanted on a mock floor plan.  Our kitchen is small.  It does not have a lot of storage space or counter space. I always thought our kitchen was not a good use of space. So we did a complete gut job.  I kept the kitchen “triangle” the same.  The triangle is a work space that consists of the sink, oven and refrigerator.  That way we didn’t have to replumb or redo electrical.

I took the cabinets all the way to the ceiling.  I also removed our pantry and put in cabinets.  The pantry was also another poor use of space.  It also was not big enough.  I put in cabinets to use as the pantry.  I added a peninsula for extra counter space.  I also made it so we could sit at the peninsula and do work or eat.


We booked our remodel through a major brand name hardware store.  We used their normal contractor who they always use. What we didn’t know at the time is we are the last job they are doing together.  This will come into play later.

We started demo of the entire main level in mid-May.  We were told that they would be done with the complete remodel by the end of June/early July.  We figured it would be early July because almost every remodeling job runs over.

Demolition of the entire main floor started and it took two men two days.  It was so loud!  The men got a little carried away and demoed my half bath sink/vanity.  Since they had removed it, we decided to go ahead and replace it too.

Everything was delivered at once.  Our entire garage was filled with either furniture from our home or materials for the job.  Our upstairs and basement was filled with everything else. Sometimes I feel like I am in a hoarder home with little trails everywhere!

Since our kitchen is unusable I have been eating out too.  Honestly, I never thought that I would hate eating out or eating take-a-way as much as I do.  I guess when you have been doing it for months it can get a little annoying!

Here is what it looked like before:



Check back soon to see our “during” and learn about our remodeling nightmare.