3 Bujo Lists for You to Try

3 Bujo Lists For You To Try

It’s Monday.  On my journaling instagram account it’s journal day.  So as a result, I’m am doing a journaling post for my blog.  Here is a quick list of three bullet journal lists you can put in your journal.  Enjoy. A nap tracker.  A great way to track what time you need a pick me […]

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Bullet Journal Lists for October

    Each month I like to include a list of bullet journal ideas for people to try. If you don’t like writing prompts, this can be an easier option to complete. 1. A food diary. 2.Christmas gift ideas. 3. Important dates. Weddings, birthdays, graduations, etc. 4. Romantic ideas or date nights. 5. List your […]

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10 Bujo Lists That Free Up Mental Clutter

Do you have a bullet journal yet?  I started last year integrating some bullet journal elements into my normal journal. I’m not 100% sold on some elements but I love the lists that are used.  It helps me to remember what I need to get at the store, ideas for future projects, birthdays, contact info […]

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