5 Manners 4 Kids


Manners are on the way out.  So it seems anyway.  What happened to basic decency? Shouldn’t manners just be common sense? I don’t know, but here is a reminder that manners are always in fashion.  They are actually a part of daily life. What manners should you be discussing with your children?  Listed below are five areas you can cover with your children to ensure they have good manners.

Here are five more manners for children to know.

  1. How to sit properly.  Sitting up, with good posture and leg placement is important.  Habits for sitting are established in childhood.  For children learning how to sit is going to take some time and practice. So be patient.  You are going to be giving lots of reminders!
  2. Keeping Promises. While keeping promises may not be part of “manners” it is part of your character.  Character, like manners, give people a picture of who you are.  Learning that what you say means something is never a wasted lesson.
  3. Saying “Excuse me” when walking in front of someone( like at the grocery store. ) You know what I mean, right?  You’re in the soup section trying to find a certain kind of soup in the endless sea of red and white Campbell’s cans.  Someone always walks in front of you.  I’d say I get an “excuse me” about half the time. A small gesture can go a long way!
  4. Asking to pet an animal.  Kids love animals.  Who hasn’t seen a cute dog in the park and wanted to pet it? Kids are no exception.  They see a dog, squeal and run up to it.  Some dogs or dog owners just don’t like that.  It can also be a safety issue. Some dogs don’t like strangers and could bite.  Learning how to approach an animal and it’s owner is not only good manners but being safety conscious too.
  5. When to stand up.  Sounds silly doesn’t it? Everyone knows when to stand right?  Not necessarily.  Knowing when to stand for the Pledge of Alliance or the National Anthem is one thing, knowing when to stand for an introduction, hello, goodbyes, and in various ceremonies takes time.  Make sure you help you child to understand the when and the why of standing up.



10 things to Clean


Here is this month’s list of 10 Things to Clean (but that you almost never do). Let’s get cleaning!

  1. Door Frames and Door knobs.  Get all that finger print dirt off!
  2. Your toothbrush holder.  Clean it, replace it or run through a dishwasher.
  3. Your electric toothbrush.  Replace the head and clean the body and holder.
  4. Facial scrubber.  Replace the pad and clean and disinfect the handle.
  5. Razor.  Replace it!
  6. Loofah. How old is it really?  Yuck, get a new one.
  7. Corners of the room. Get those cobwebs out of there!
  8. Stove drip covers/knobs.  Get the gunk out.
  9. Electrnics. When was the last time you cleaned your cell phone, ipod, laptop and more.
  10. Washer/Dryer.  Wipe everything inside and out.  Don’t forget the lint trap!

10 Things to Declutter for the Holiday Season.


Tis the season!  The season to declutter that is!  Yes, declutter.  Look I know the holiday season from Halloween to New Year’s is a VERY busy time for all of us.  However, decluttering can not only help you cope with the stress, but make each year easier by limiting everything you have to dig through.

  1. Your credit card statement.  Okay, I don’t mean take all your credit card statements and shred them.  Although, you can. I mean go through them and look at the actual charges.  Are their reoccurring charges that you can get rid of?  Say a magazine subscription you no longer read but haven’t cancelled?  That gym membership you never use?  Time to let those go.
  2. Online. Unsubscribe from all those emails.  It’s easy to ignore all those emails that go to your social media tab in your email. Start unsubscribing from them. Keep you inbox clear!
  3. Candles.  Tis the season to give and get candles.  How many do you have? Do you have a drawer full of unused candles?  Time to get serious and sort them.  How many of them are half burned? Time to cull the herd down to a select few that you really enjoy.
  4. Old Makeup. Clear out your makeup case.  Can you narrow it down to just what you wear? Let the old and unused stuff go!  How about nail polish?  How many do you have that you haven’t used?
  5. Ugly gifts. We all get them.  That ugly elf picture you mother-in-law thought was oh so cute but goes with absolutely nothing you own, accidentally drop it and get rid of it.  You should only have things you want, not something that others think you should have.
  6. Dinnerware.  How many sets of dishes do you have?  I understand one good set and an everyday set, but do you have extra dishes from various relatives or holiday dishes?  How about mugs?  We all have those travel mugs that say I love NY or something.  Time to donate?
  7. Liquor.  Have bottles of liquor around you house?  Do you have a liquor cabinet?  How many times do use those bottles?  Have you had that same bottle of rum for the past five years?  Time to let them go.
  8. Spices.  Check you spice cabinet.  Spices have an expiration date.  Let go of the spices that you only used once and haven’t used again.  How about the more popular spices.  Are they expired? Time to replace them.
  9. Old Pens. We all have a junk drawer or a drawer for school supplies. Go through all you pens/markers/pencils. Get rid of the ones that don’t work or you won’t use. Replace what you need to.
  10. Old Eyeglasses.  Do you wear glasses?  Do you have a bunch of old prescriptions lying around? Many eye glass places have donation bins where you can donate your old eyeglasses. Let someone else use them!

Okay, now ready, set, purge!!



10 Winter Activities


Winter is such a cold and blah time.  But here in the Upper Midwest we try to make the best of things.  While there are a lot of indoor activities, there are also a lot of outdoor festivals and events.  We have broom ball tournaments on frozen lakes, ice fishing, skiing, snow tubing, snowmobiling, ice skating, nighttime snowshoeing, ice carving, skating races, cross country ski races, dog sledding, bonfires, sleigh rides, curling and so much more.

Some more hygge activities you can try yourself include: building a snowman, go on a nighttime candlelight carriage ride, drink warm apple cider in front of a fireplace, binge watch Christmas films, make gourmet hot coco, have a fire in the fireplace and read by its light, toast marshmallows in your fireplace, go sledding, go look at homes that have their holiday lights up, take in a Christmas play, bake cookies, donate to your favorite charity or volunteer your time, make a ginger bread house, or write a letter by candlelight.

What do you like to do to make Winter special?  Let us know in the comments.


The Dia & Co. Clothing Box

I received my first clothing box today. I decided to purchase a Dia & Co. box.  I had seen advertisements for Dia in my Facebook feed.  Since I have gained so much weight due to my pain medication I have been in need of clothing.  I’m now plus size. A size 2X.  Finding clothing to fit me other than a plain pair of jeans and a navy t-shirt has proven near impossible.  So I thought what do I have to lose?

I have always been suspicious of delivery box services.  Is it going to cost me too much money? What are they sending you?  Can I get out of it? I went to the Dia website and filled out a brief questionnaire.  Several days later a small box arrived on my front doorstep.  It contained five items of clothing, two tops, two pairs of pants, and a dress.

The tops were nice.  One was a green and white floral peasant top. It’s not normally something that I would wear in terms of pattern and color. I tried it on and was pleasantly surprised that it looked good on me.  The fit was also good.  So I am keeping this one.  The second top was a grey sweater with zip detail.  I also tried this on and liked it.

The dress was a floral print on a teal background.  While the dress was beautiful I really didn’t need it. My only criticism is that it showed a lot of cleavage. I also sent it back.  There were two pairs of pants as well.  One pair was jeans.  I honestly didn’t try them on as I have enough blue jeans.  The second was a pair of leggings. I also didn’t try these on. They were of a very rough material and didn’t feel soft. Back they went.

In all I was pleasantly surprised with the contents of the Dia box.  I am very interested to see what they send me next. Just in case you are wondering, Dia did not give me anything or sponsor this post.  I saw an ad on Facebook, filled out the questionnaire and paid for it out of my own pocket.  So I can safely say that all the opinions are really my own!!

P.S. I had photos ready to go with this post. Unfortunately, I had a bit of a camera malfunction.  So I will post some photos the next time.  Forgive me!!





3 Things About Me


File this under getting to know your blogger. What are three things that I can tell you about me?  Hmmm, I wish I could say I have something amazing and earth shattering, but I don’t. I’d love to be the person to tell you that I love skydiving, or every evening my family and I sing songs around a campfire while sipping gourmet hot coco and s’mores.  I don’t. Believe me, I wish I did!!

  1. My favorite childhood book was by Judy Blume called “Starring Sally J. Friedman as herself.” I must have read that book over 50 times. Once the librarian told me that I couldn’t check it out because I had to let someone else check it out. So that book sat in the library until a week past and I could check it out again.
  2. I am a cat person.  I have a dog, but I am a cat person.  I have always loved cats.  When I was a child I would walk around the fields around my house looking for stray cats, hoping one will come out and play with me.   I was finally allowed to have a cat in junior high school.  Once that cat died I didn’t have another.  Too busy. When my own son wanted to get a cat we looked at various animal shelters.  Unfortunately, I started to sneeze and get a stuffy nose. So I went and had myself tested.  Yup, allergic to cats! Noooooooooooooooo!!!!!!
  3. If I won the lottery I would do two things.  One is travel. The other is go back to school.  Okay, most people would travel.  I also love to learn.  I don’t know if I’d get a degree but I would definitely take classes in areas that interest me.

What is your favorite childhood book?  Do you have a favorite animal?  What would you do if you won the lottery?  Let me know in the comments!



10 Cooking Terms for November.


I know what you are thinking.  It’s November, the food vocabulary must be about Thanksgiving and turkey! Nah, I’m sure you will be sick of the holiday season by now.  I usually get over it by the time Columbus Day rolls around. I think as I get older the holidays hold less importance for me.  Plus my child is getting older.  Anyway, here are more cooking terms to know.

Genoise- A light, rich cake made with sugar,eggs, butter, flour and vanilla.  It is very similar to a sponge cake.

A La King- A diced food meal (poultry) in a rich cream sauce that has mushrooms, pimento, sherry, and green peppers.

Cut In- A way to distribute evenly a solid fat in flour using a cutting motion using either two knives or a pastry blender.

aioli- a garlic flavored mayonnaise.

Buchede Noel- A term in French for a Christmas Cake (similar to a yule log) that is made from Genoise (see above) and covered in buttercream and formed into a log shape and decorated accordingly.

Dice- Cutting food into 1/4″ pieces or smaller (cubes).

Brandy Alexander- A sweet cocktail usually served after dinner and made with brandy, chocolate liqueur and cream.

Macerate- To soak in a flavored liquid, usually for fruit.

Bonne-Bouche- A French for tasty little bite referring to small snacks.

Arrabbiata- An Italian term translating into “angry”, used for dishes with spicy sauce of tomatoes, pancetta, and chiles.