10 Fashion Terms to Know


Abraded Yarn: A continuous filament of man made yarn which has been rubbed to raise fuzz which increases bulk.  Then the yarn is twisted into two-ply.

Two-ply yarn: A yarn made by combining two lightly twisted single yarns into one yarn. This makes the yarn stronger and durable.

Baby Bunting: An infant’s outdoor sack that has a zipper in front with a hood.

Barathea: A fabric with a pebbled texture that was originally done in silk.  Generally used for ties it can now come in a variety of fabrics types.

Chemise: A linen garment worn next to the skin.

Crochet: A method of making a garment, lace or fabric with one hooked needle by machine or hand.

Down: Material used to pad winter jackets, coats, and blankets for warmth.  Down is from the fluffy undercoat of geese and ducks.

Dummy: Called a dressmakers dummy, is a form of the human body on which cloth is draped before construction.

Gauze: A net like fabric used for costumes or trim and can be crinkled.  Used for a variety of garment constructions. Made of a variety of fibers.

Lorgnette: A pair of eyeglasses attached to a handle used for seeing detail or distance.

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10 Fashion Terms to Know


Fashion has so many terms to know.  There are whole encyclopedias devoted to it. Each month I list 10 new fashion terms for you to know.  Some are common, others obscure.  This monthly feature is designed to be a fun, informative read. I hope you enjoy!

Adaptation: A term used for a interpretation of an expensive designer/couture garment into a less expensive style, not a direct copy.

Adelaide Wool: A merino wool from Southern Australia that is considered high quality.

Backstitch: A term from sewing which means to reverse the stitch on a sewing machine. Used to secure thread.

Balaclava: A hood that covers the head and shoulders while revealing the face.  Named after the battle of Balaklava during the Crimean War.

Chou Rouge: A deep reddish-purple color.

Christening Dress: A long, detailed dress which may contain beads, lace, and embroidery worn by babies during  a baptism ceremony.

Diamante: A sparkle effect. Like the effect of a reflection of gemstones.  French term meaning “made of diamonds.”

Drape: The hang of fabric in a garment.  A quality of a garment.

Down (feathers): A term for a soft fluffy feathers from ducks or geese. Used as lining or fill for insulation in vests, jackets and coats.

Genuine Pearls: Pearls taken from saltwater oysters which were made by a grain of sand in the oyster.  Expensive and rare.

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10 Classic Accessories For Your Wardrobe


Every wardrobe has a few foundation pieces. These pieces are timeless classics that don’t change from year to year.  What are those pieces?  I’m glad you asked!  Below, find a list of ten timeless accessory classics.

  1. Classic Black Heels.
  2. Leather Tote Bag.
  3. A Pair of Diamond Stud Earrings.
  4. Ballet Flats.
  5. Black Leather Watch.
  6. Thin Leather Belts.
  7. Silk Scarf or Pashmina Style Scarf.
  8. A Metal Link or Bangle Bracelet.
  9. Medium Sized Leather Handbag.
  10. Gold hoop or stud earrings.

10 Fashion Terms to Know


Time for my monthly installment of 10 fashion terms to know.  Happy reading!

Aiguillette: A shoulder decoration made of cord, usually braided, used on military dress uniforms.

Alice Blue: A medium pale blue with a gray or green tint. Given the name Alice Blue due to Alice Roosevelt, daughter of Teddy Roosevelt.

Decolletage: French meaning bare shoulders or a low cut neckline.

Decollete: French for a item of clothing that is very low cut, and revealing of shoulders, back and sometimes the breast.

Fob Pocket: A small pocket near the waistband of a man’s pants used for holding a pocket watch.

Gauge: A term in knitting for the number of stitches per unit of width and length of the fabric.

Suede: Leather that has been buffed on the flesh side to raise a small nap.

Nautical: Clothing and symbols taken from navel or sailor’s clothing.  It is often found in the popular color schemes of red, white, and blue.

Paste: Reflective type of glass, faceted or made to imitate gemstones.

Patchwork: A method of sewing small pieces of fabric together in various shapes and colors to make a new fabric or quilt.





10 Fashion Terms to know


Here are ten quick fashion terms to know.

1. Action Back: Term used to describe the extra fullness at the back of a jacket, shirt or dress from the shoulder to the waist. Normally a pleat, that helps with movement.

2. Bolero: A waist length open jacket worn by women.

3. Cashmere: a luxurious fabric made from the hair of a goat that is native to Northern India’s Kashmir region as well as several other Asian nations. The wool for the fabric is taken by combing the animals.

4. Felt: Non-woven fabric made by compressing wool and hair fibers in a flat form by heat and steam.

5. Flannel: A soft, delicate fabric tightly woven into a twill or plain weave and has a soft nape.  It can be made of woolen, worsted or some combination of.

6. Mittens: Hand covering with a thumb compartment and another area for the fingers.

7. Parasol: An umbrella used for sun protection that can be made of cloth to match clothing. A popular accessory during the 19th and early 20th centuries.

8. Parka: A hooded fur jacket worn of Native Americans in the Arctic regions.

9. Taffeta: A type of crisp fabric with a smooth surface. At one time made of silk, currently made in man made fibers.

10. Ultramarine: A deep shade of purple blue.






10 Fashion Terms to know.

Yes, its another time for a fun and informative ten fashion terms to know.  Impress your friends with your new fashionista vocab! This monthly feature will have you sounded like a insider in no time.


Acrylic: Generic name for fibers and yarn that are man made from resin. Acrylic is considered an easy care item that can retain it’s shape. Used in sweaters, hosiery and dresses.

Admiralty Cloth: A Melton-type fabric used by the British Navel forces for officer’s uniforms and coats.

Cadet Blue: A light blue grey color worn by cadets at various military academies.

Cadet Cloth:  A heavy flannel cloth used for overcoats by military academy cadets in a blue grey color.

Damask:  A fabric made in a Jacquard weave in a pattern of various sizes. It reverses on the other side. Originally from Damascus, Syria.

Diadem: A crown or headpiece wider and higher toward the front.

Ikat: A method of dyeing yarn pronounced ee-kat from Malaysia.

Muslin: A fabric of plain weave in various weights that can be used in sheets, pillowcases to summer dresses and blouses. Fabric is lustrous, long wearing, soft and washable.

Rayon: A term for man-made fibers taken from trees, cotton, and wood plants. Used for it’s low cost, it can be woven or knitted. It drapes and dyes well, but wrinkles easily. Used in undergarments, dresses and shirts.

Ready-to-wear: Clothing that is mass produced in a variety of standard sizes. The first ready to wear dresses debuted in Paris in 1792.








The Dia & Co. Clothing Box

I received my first clothing box today. I decided to purchase a Dia & Co. box.  I had seen advertisements for Dia in my Facebook feed.  Since I have gained so much weight due to my pain medication I have been in need of clothing.  I’m now plus size. A size 2X.  Finding clothing to fit me other than a plain pair of jeans and a navy t-shirt has proven near impossible.  So I thought what do I have to lose?

I have always been suspicious of delivery box services.  Is it going to cost me too much money? What are they sending you?  Can I get out of it? I went to the Dia website and filled out a brief questionnaire.  Several days later a small box arrived on my front doorstep.  It contained five items of clothing, two tops, two pairs of pants, and a dress.

The tops were nice.  One was a green and white floral peasant top. It’s not normally something that I would wear in terms of pattern and color. I tried it on and was pleasantly surprised that it looked good on me.  The fit was also good.  So I am keeping this one.  The second top was a grey sweater with zip detail.  I also tried this on and liked it.

The dress was a floral print on a teal background.  While the dress was beautiful I really didn’t need it. My only criticism is that it showed a lot of cleavage. I also sent it back.  There were two pairs of pants as well.  One pair was jeans.  I honestly didn’t try them on as I have enough blue jeans.  The second was a pair of leggings. I also didn’t try these on. They were of a very rough material and didn’t feel soft. Back they went.

In all I was pleasantly surprised with the contents of the Dia box.  I am very interested to see what they send me next. Just in case you are wondering, Dia did not give me anything or sponsor this post.  I saw an ad on Facebook, filled out the questionnaire and paid for it out of my own pocket.  So I can safely say that all the opinions are really my own!!

P.S. I had photos ready to go with this post. Unfortunately, I had a bit of a camera malfunction.  So I will post some photos the next time.  Forgive me!!