what does anxiety disorder look like?

It’s hard to get a complete list of symptoms for anxiety disorder. It varies so much for everyone. The following is just a portion of what you can feel and experience with an active anxiety disorder. My personal symptoms have changed so much year to year over time. Some symptoms have been consistent over time, others were a one off symptoms never to be seen again. The following is just a sample so you can get an idea of what is going on.

  1. Desire to control things or fear being out of control.
  2. Sleeping to little or sleeping too much.
  3. Worry about everything from your cat, to global climate, if your eyeliner is straight and your nieces graduation party in two weeks.
  4. Avoid activities and places. School avoidance is very common with young people.
  5. Perfectionist, my life would be better if I was perfect or XYZ would be better if I was more successful.
  6. Stomach ache or headache. I had pains all over from my anxiety.
  7. Feeling faint, ill like you are having a heart attack, or a stroke.
  8. Sweating when there is no reason to.
  9. Constantly feeling like you will throw up or have diarrhea. You can also actually have them.
  10. Feeling anger or fear over things that don’t warrant a strong reaction. I find people with anxiety either lash out with anger or turn inward and run the “what if” tapes in their mind.
  11. Brain fog, inability to focus.
  12. Need to know everything. No surprises. No unknown elements.
  13. Plan to do things and then back out last minute when you feel ill or have an attack.
  14. Extreme exhaustion.
  15. My worst symptom? The one I hate the most and have had from day 1 is a choking sensation. It feels like someone has grabbed my neck and was starting to squeeze.

These are just a few symptoms you can have when anxiety becomes a problem in your life. I am not a doctor or a therapist. Please if you think you might even have a “little” problem with anxiety see someone. Don’t wait until it alters your life and prevents you from living. I’ve been there, it’s awful and you don’t get that time back. Please check other medical literature for additional signs and symptoms.

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