New Year’s Resolutions Update

Do you remember way back in January when I listed my New Year’s Resolutions for this upcoming year?  Well, it’s time to update you on my progress.  I’ll start by going over what the resolutions were.  Here is my list and how I am doing:

1. Eat a healthy breakfast. This one is done.  I mostly eat 100% healthy breakfast daily.  I may on a special occasion eat a doughnut or cereal but that is a rare day. Now I have oatmeal, fruit, yogurt, eggs with veggies, or a smoothie and toast with peanut butter.

2. Take an exercise class. I haven’t even touched this one.  Not on bit.  Quite frankly with Covid going around I doubt I will be able or want to take an in person class this year.

3.Get weight to 170. In spite of my eating a more healthy diet the scale has not moved an inch.  Which is very discouraging.  I would be happy with any weight loss at this point but I am not sure that is going to happen before the end of the year.  This goal might have to cross over into next year.

4. Eat a healthy lunch 80% of the time.  I have got this one up to 80%. I’m even increasing it to 100%.

5. Drink 20 oz of water daily. This one is one of the resolutions I have had the hardest time with.  I really hate the taste of water.  Even with fruit.  So some days I hit the 20oz goal, other days not.  Instead I drink soda, juice etc.  So this goal is at about 30-50% on a given day.  So still some work to do, but there is some progress.

6. Walk. Only a little bit. Still have to work on this one, I’m just not into it.  I hope to have this up to 15% by the end of the year. I definitely will have to move this one into next year. As I’m sure you have guessed I really hate to exercise.  I’d rather listen to a podcast, draw or do other things.  If I want to lose weight I’m going to have to buckle down on this.

7. Clean 15 minutes daily. This one was an easy one to do for me.  I usually pick up and clean a lot.  This goal was to do a little for 15 minutes everyday instead of all of it on a certain day. It really helps my back which has taken a turn for the worse after I hit forty.  I also have found that I am developing a chemical sensitivity to cleaning products.  So I can clean say the bathroom a bit at a time. I clean the toilet and then I have to leave until the chemical smell dissipates.  Then I can wipe the counter and mirror, then leave etc.  It takes forever to get stuff done. I’m still in the early stages of looking for cleaning products that are low scent or no scent but it is slow going. I’m sure you will see more about it in future blog posts next year.  Right now my husband is picking up the slack.  We also have a cleaner come once a month to deep clean certain areas of the house.

8. Work on blog 3 hrs. a week. I’ve spent more time working on my blog each week.  I also count social media into that. I only count my creating time, not my viewing time of others into this time frame. I have been getting some consulting on my blog done. You may have noticed little changes in graphics, content and layout.  I’m not sure where I am evolving this blog to, but I am constantly thinking about it and making small changes as I go.

9. Read 10 books this year. I’m pretty much flunking this one big time. I have so far only read one.  I used to love to read and would read 7 books at a time finishing 3 a week.  Now I can barely stand to read magazines.  Is this technology ruining a hobby? No.  I just honestly haven’t been in the mood to read.  I think it’s all the stress. Right now I am reading 3 different books.  If I can finish all of them this month I will be close to catching up.  I must have a stockpile of over 40 books waiting for my attention.  I feel guilty about that.

So those are all my New Year’s Resolutions that I have set out for this year. You can see some I’ve done really well with.  Others not so much, and a few that are left to even tackle.  Do you do New Year’s Resolutions? Goal setting for the year?  How are your projects coming?


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