Week 3 of My Capsule Wardrobe Reality

Okay, I’m going to be honest here, week three fell apart for me.  It’s not that I didn’t work within my capsule wardrobe.  I just didn’t need to.  I will admit, I wore pajamas for three or four days. Then the other days I wore rundown old sweats or some crappy painting clothes. So I never touched it.

Finally, it has hit.  The lock down has gotten to me.  I’ve been in it (lock down) since late March/early April. I suppose I’m allowed a July melt down.  Well, more like a run down. All I did was sit and listen to podcasts or music.  I just couldn’t get any energy to do anything.  It was rough.  I did leave the house for a few doctor appointments, target runs, pharmacy runs, and one throw caution to the wind run to Ulta.

If you have been following me on Instagram you have seen my new nail polishes I’ve been trying.  I normally don’t paint my fingernails as they chip too easily.  Even if they are professionally done.  I just paint my toenails.  It has been fun to try something else for a change.

I have gotten rid of some items and added a few items to my wardrobe.  I had been hoping not to add anything for several months yet.  Why add then? Well, to be perfectly honest, so many stores are going out of business right now.  I tried to get some summer things. I bought some pants from Catherine’s.  A plus sized chain store that is located in many strip malls. I am most likely going to have to take in the pants as they don’t fit well.  I just needs a tiny dart.  I also bought some lingerie which I am really happy with, and a shirt.  The shirt I haven’t worn yet, but perhaps you will see it in a few weeks.

Now, the stuff I got rid of. None of it a surprise.  I am donating a very unflattering pair of beige or khaki pants, a green shirt with a waffle print fabric, and the same shirt but in navy.  While, both of those shirts are in the color scheme that I like and they fit, I just hated how they felt on me.

So far my capsule wardrobe has only had to work in the summer.  I am really looking forward to working on the fall and winter half of my wardrobe.  I haven’t even touched those clothes.

In addition to the upcoming week four post, I want to include posts on my accessories from shoes to jewelry. So check back with me soon!

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