It’s Week 2 Of Wardrobe Reality


Well, it’s now week two of the capsule wardrobe.  So far so good. I took a real simplified path this week.  On Monday, I just wore some knit black pants and a grey t-shirt.  Pretty basic.  As with last week, I didn’t go anywhere so no socks, shoes, or jewelry.

Tuesday, I had one errand to run to the pharmacy so I dressed it up a little bit with a nice watch (Skagen), and a grey cardigan. I paired this with jean shorts and a white tank.  I grabbed a few rings and bracelets and before I left the house, flip flops to complete the look.


Wednesday I got to wear one of the favorite pieces in my capsule wardrobe.  I wore my black and white kimono style shirt from Torrid.  Then I again used my white tank and a pair of blue jean shorts.  I  wore a simple astrological bracelet from Kinsley Armelle. My sheep necklace is by Lauren Conrad for Kohl’s from several years ago.




Thursday was a comfort day.  I wore black knit pants, my grey cardigan and a navy t-shirt.  I also included a Moravian star necklace I got at Kohl’s Department Store years ago.  I did take off the necklace halfway through the day. Since I was mainly just sitting at my desk or on the couch it was just getting in the way.  I’m still at the point where I am experimenting with what jewelry I want to wear at home if any.


Friday I pulled out my patterned pants, Skagen watch, black button up t-shirt and the white tank.  What can I say, the white tank was on fire this week!  I sort of have a love hate relationship with these pants.  I like some pattern but usually not this busy.  I go back and forth on if I should keep or toss them.  I’m still not sure.


Saturday I stayed in my pajamas for the day.  I was at home doing house chores and didn’t feel like getting on another outfit. So I won’t include a photo of me in it. The above photo is from Sunday.  I wore jean shorts, a grey t-shirt, a star necklace from Target and flip flops again.

So there you have it.  My second week on a capsule wardrobe.  So far so good.  I’m currently putting the touches on a few other articles and then will let you know about week 3, additions to my wardrobe, and any deletions.  How is your capsule wardrobe going so far?  How many weeks or months have you been trying it?


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