My Wardrobe Reality: Week 1 of a Capsule Wardrobe

So I have done the first couple of weeks of my new capsule wardrobe.  As I wrote in a previous update, I first got rid of all the clothes that I didn’t like or were worn out. Then I pulled out all the clothes that I wanted to start out with.

My first attempt at a capsule wardrobe included: black casual knit pants, blue jeans, black shorts, blue jean shorts, paisley maxi dress, charcoal long sleeve cardigan, short sleeve black t-shirt, short sleeve navy t-shirt, patterned long sleeve white/black silk tunic, black tank, white tank, navy tank, black long sleeve button down shirt, and black and white patterned pants.  So for the first week my outfits were the following:

Week 1

Monday: blue jeans from The Woman Within catalog, navy short sleeve shirt from Pendelton and navy Keds tennis shoes. For jewelry I added a small necklace from Target, and my watch which is Michael Kors.


Tuesday: blue jean shorts, light grey t-shirt, grey Keds tennis shoes, white socks. The shorts are from The Woman Within website, the t-shirt is Target and so are the socks. Watch by Michael Kors.


On Wednesday I wore: black shorts, a white tank, and black button down shirt.  It was so hot that I didn’t wear the button down shirt long.  I was just too warm.  Normally, I wouldn’t wear just a tank and shorts.  However, since I am at home I feel comfortable with it.

Thursday: spring paisley maxi dress, brown sandals. The dress is from Soft Surroundings Online/Catalog, my brown sandals are over 12 years old and I cannot remember the store I purchased them at, my star bracelet is from Charming Charlie, my cuff bracelet is from Kinsley Armelle, and my watch is Michael Kors.  Since my capsule involves pieces I will have/had for a long time some of the retailers are going to get lost to time.


On Friday I wore black shorts, a black tank, and my grey cardigan sweater. A lot of these outfits I am not putting with shoes. Right now, with Covid 19, I’m staying indoors so I have no need for shoes!  If they are in the photo I had to go somewhere that day. In the future I will post a photo of all my shoes and other accessories.  I generally don’t count those items in the capsule.

Saturday: black shorts, dark grey t-shirt.


Sunday:  black shorts from The Woman Within, azure blue top from J.Jill, astrology bracelet in gold from Kinsley Armelle , and my flip flops are Tommy Hilfiger. (His less expensive line.)IMG_4709(2)

So that is my week.  Did anything not work?  No, it was all okay. I did add two additional items.  I added a darker grey t-shirt from Eddie Bauer, and an azure t-shirt from J.Jill.   I tried to make my original capsule as small as possible.  I didn’t want to add any additional items the first week. Then I added the two previously mentioned t-shirts. Why?  Honestly, the azure one I just felt like wearing.  The second t-shirt added was added to the list because my lighter grey t-shirt was in the wash.

I do have several azure t-shirts and grey t-shirts.  I have four of the darker grey.  Why?  So I don’t have to do laundry as often.  I also love to wear cotton. To me cotton is so soft and comfortable.  It is also easy to wash. A downside to that is the color begins to fade after awhile. So I purchase more because I know the cotton will fade faster and I want to be able to wear the shirt for a while.  I know it is probably easy for most capsule wardrobe bloggers to have new, shiny items.  For me I wanted to try to be as normal, everyday as possible.  My wardrobe is that of a stay-at-home mom.  I do have some nice things for fancy occasions but this is my everyday.

In all it was a pretty uneventful week.  It’s summer, and we are social distancing at home. I think the capsule wardrobe reflects that. How has your wardrobe been since Corona?

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