4 Easy Ways To Elevate Your Style

Sometimes our style gets in a rut.  I know that feeling.  It’s like I will never get the wardrobe I want.  Will I lose weight? Will I have the money to spend? Will what I want be in style?  How will I find what I want? So many questions about something so simple as a shirt or skirt. It is not simple though. All we have to do is look at our closets to know that.

In actively attempting to do a capsule wardrobe I can see that little things can make a huge difference. The first thing that you need to do is have your clothing altered to fit.  A little bit of a hem raise or an extra dart an take an ill fitting okay garment to something beautiful.  Tailoring is especially important when you are not a size 14 or under. As a woman with a large bust I often find I need to buy my clothes to fit my chest and not the rest of me.  Tailoring will keep you from being swamped in an ill fitting outfit.

The second thing you can do is iron your clothes.  I know, ironing is a pain.  It takes forever. Try instead to be strategic about your ironing.  Iron one part of your outfit like the skirt or blouse.  Or iron for an occasion where you will run into more people.  When you run your errands, or do grocery shopping. I will be the first to admit ironing is no longer something I do every week.  So I only use it on special occasions not my comfy everyday wear.

Go faux is the third way to help your style out.  These days faux has come a long way.  Faux leather can be just as soft as the real thing.  Imitation diamonds are difficult to tell from the real thing. I also think if you are going the faux route make sure the faux item isn’t over the top. That it looks real.  That is of course if you want it to look real.  A neon yellow stone in a ring isn’t going to be mistaken for a yellow diamond.

The final idea I’ve had is to not wear loud screaming logos.  Logos can scream look at me.  The stylish usually don’t wear items with Gucci stamped all over it. They allow the material and the cut to look expensive and their best. Logos are more of a status symbol to prove you have the money to buy a particular item. It’s not to look more stylish, it’s about status. Go for the look, not the name in items you buy.

That’s four ways to elevate your style. To me the fit of an item is most important.  You don’t want to be pulling on you ill-fitting clothing all the time.



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