The Rest of My Capsule Basics

It’s been a long time since I have written about my capsule wardrobe. I have gone through it a second time, culling what I was unsure about. I did purchase three new tops from Old Navy.  Each had a pattern on it. One is white with black polka dots, the other is black with white circles and a black dot in the center pattern.  The final one is the black and floral top.


Above I took a photo of my long sleeved blouses.  I’m still trying to stick to my color plan.  For colors I have navy, black, charcoal grey, kelly green, and azure blue. I have found a lot of navy in clothing for my size lately. I’m still thinking about reducing this category more (the long sleeved shirts).  Maybe get rid of the white and black shirt with the triangles, the navy with birds, and the black with white stripes.

I think the biggest problem I have is finding clothes I like in my size.  As I am an apple or round shape there isn’t much that can cloth this figure.  If I wore suits and evening wear I’d have more to choose from.  Since I am a stay-at-home mother I only have one suit and no evening wear. Still working that out.  I’d love to be able to purchase an entire wardrobe at once.  Maybe that way all my blacks and navy would match.  I knew there were many shades of navy but how many different blacks does there need to be?  Apparently, a lot.

The next category I have is cardigan sweaters.


I have two Kelly green cardigans, a black one and on in dark grey.  I would really like to find a darker grey color.  For me charcoal is a color that is still darker than what I have.  I just can’t seem to find it.  If anyone knows of a company that sells plus size anything in a dark, dark grey please let me know.  I also need a navy one. It’s been really hard to find the right color navy.  Often the blue in the cardigan is more of a royal blue than a navy one. I’m searching for a true navy. If anyone sees one let me know on that too!  In addition to the solid color cardigans I also have a blue/black floral print.

The next category I have to show you are jackets/blazers.IMG_4367

The first jacket is a navy one with zippers I got at Chicos.  I know it looks like its royal blue but it is a true navy.  The second blazer I have is a beige colored one that has a military feel to it.  It has brass buttons and a Nehru collar. The last one is a black blazer suit jacket and has matching pants.



Then in this photo you see that I have a grey jacket, a blue jean jacket and a short length beige jacket.   I try to get items that work both indoor and outdoor. I like things I can wear year round. To me a jean jacket can be worn as both a coat and a blazer if you need to. I need to also work on this category.  I want blazers and light jackets that I really like.  I’m okay with them, but I hope to do better at some point.  I really want a great leather or faux leather moto jacket in black or dark brown.  I’m willing to go outside my color palette on this one. I would also like a suede or lightweight pea cost to wear in Spring or Fall. I would like dark brown or a dark green/olive green.

I am really warming to the idea of using colors outside you color palette for outdoor wear.  I think it’s a good way to add some unexpected element to you uniform without destroying the concept of it.  I do not count my outdoor wear in my “capsule” wardrobe.  I only count them if I can wear them as a blazer jacket.

The next category has dresses. I’m not a big dress wearer but I do like them.


The black and white one is from Kohl’s.  It’s a little short for my weight but I like it. Due to the length I wear black leggings with it.  The second dress, the black floral one is a recent purchase this year.  I bought it from J. Jill.  It was long sleeved and for their winter collection.  The next one is a summer print from Soft Surroundings.  Then I have the Kelly green A-line dress from Lands End. I like all of them.  Each wears well.  If I am being honest the green dress looks best in terms of style.


The photo above is of my sweaters.  The Faire Isle sweater is from Target. One of the dark grey v-neck sweaters is from Eddie Bauer, the cream fisherman’s sweater is from LL Bean.  I’m not sure where I got the others from.  I think the grey one with zippers if from Dia. The light grey croft and barrow is from a department store.

My last photo is of my tank tops. I thew a few accessories in for good measure.  My tank tops come in white, navy, grey and black.IMG_4336

This includes the clothing portion of my capsule wardrobe.  It’s always a work in progress.  I am still thinking of what I can downsize and what I need if anything.  I will be posting photos of what I use for accessories.  So expect to see shoes, scarves etc. I will also photograph my outdoor wear too.  I may not count it as a capsule piece, but it is a part of my wardrobe.  I also live in a four season climate with temperature extremes.  One coat isn’t going to cut it.

I will also start posting photos of me in the outfits.  Check out my Instagram at thenorthernstar_ck for clothing and lifestyle photos.  If you have a capsule wardrobe how is it going?  Let me know.

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