5 Quick Things to Clean

Every month I do a list of five things to clean that can be done quickly.  I try to give you five things that you would normally not think of to clean.  Everyone knows that you wash your floor, and dust shelves.  I try to give you a few other things to give a once over to each month.

This month I am looking at the kitchen. So here are your five quick things to clean for the month of May.

  1. sponge or cleaning brush holder.  Do you keep your sponge or cleaning brush in a special holder by the sink.  If yes, clean it out.
  2. The refrigerator seals and vents.  Pull it out and dust underneath too.  It’s amazing what out of control dust bunnies you can find.
  3. Range drip pans and knobs (if you have them).
  4. Wipe out the freezer.  When was the last time you did that?
  5. If you have a physical dish rack for drying hand done dishes give that and the tray or cover for the counter the once over.

That’s it! You’ve got your five for the month.  Happy Cleaning.

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