5 Things You Can Do To Refresh A Room On A Small Budget

Most of us haven’t left the house in several weeks.  A few of us months.  While some places are beginning to open up, my family plans on staying put as much as work allows us.  Since I’ve been home I keep seeing little projects everywhere.  Do you know the feeling? I see everything needed to be done from cleaning to redecorating.  One of the things I am working on is a gallery wall for our main level.

Artwork is one of the five things you can do to cheaply update a room without breaking the bank.  You can buy posters, enlarge photos or use your kids drawings to brighten up any room.  Use old frames, scrap wood or inexpensive frames from online to hang them.

The second thing you can do is regrout your tile work.  Okay, this is a lot more work than hanging a few photos, and I know a lot of people who hate to grout.  However, it really goes a long way to refreshing a room.  Nothing makes a room look more dirty and tired than old, stained grout.

For another idea to try look at plants.  Plants can add a fun punch of color.  They can clear the air and make a home seem more relaxing. Decide what kind of light the spot where your plant will go has.  This will help narrow down what type of plant you need.  Afraid you are going to kill the plant.  Don’t worry.  These days artificial plants have come a long way.  They look real and will fool almost anyone.

The fourth way to refresh a room is to add new lighting.  Buying an inexpensive lamp at Target, Walmart or Ikea can really help to change the overall feel of a room.  Winter was just a few short months ago.  Remember when the days started to get brighter again?  A lamp can have the same effect on a room as Spring has on you.

The final way to bring a room to life is with scent. Candles, potpourri, air fresheners, fresh flowers or a simple cleaning and air out can make the world of difference.

What ways do you like to freshen up a room?

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