Well things have been going as good as can be expected given the circumstances.  The shelter in place order most of the world is under is both a current blessing and a future curse. The blessing is there is less stress both for me and the boy.  I’m not running all over from one place to the other, juggling finances, or dealing with rush hour traffic.  I love being home, but sometimes I wish I was alone. That’s the downside to this.  I know life is going to be like this for awhile, but at least I’m not sick. Fingers crossed I stay that way.  I am not entirely confident that I could fight the disease off. So I wear a mask.  (I had a few surgical masks before this started. )  I wear mine whenever I’m out. Which isn’t very often.

Since my last update in December/January not too much has happened.  As I stated in the above paragraph, I’m not sick.  I don’t have Covid 19, but my stomach aches and gastrointestinal problems have gone way down.  I occasionally have bad heartburn, but that is 80% caused by food.  So I watch what I eat as best I can. Allergy season has started though.  I’m allergic to tree pollen from pretty much all trees.  I can’t wait for all the trees to have leaves so my symptoms go away.

We had another plumbing issue.  We found a significant amount of water on the floor of our half bathroom. The one we had remodeled.  So we called out a plumber again.  He said he couldn’t find a leak. He thought maybe someone spilled some water under the pedestal sink.  Um no.  Too much water to be a spill.  Our baseboards are separating from the wall due to the water.  Unfortunately, we cannot repair the baseboards right now.  Can’t afford it.   We keep monitoring the situation. It just makes me upset, the entire remodel and aftermath.  We definitely need a handyman to come and do some little projects. Maybe this summer.

My son continues to online learn at his new school.  They have morning and afternoon meetings and 1 class meeting a day.  The rest of the day is independent work and teacher’s have office hours if you have questions. It’s working okay.  The main point is not grades but to have the students understand the material.  I worry that there isn’t enough work.  However, I’m just happy he is having a full year of school.  It’s been a few years with all his stuff.  I am worried that when he gets to high school he is going to be a little bit behind the eight ball in terms of not being used to doing a high amount of work.  I will have to watch him closely.

Besides, this school doesn’t assign homework like the public high school does.  It’s also a blessing and a curse.  The curse I feel is everyone else is having a little bit better education.  There are not enough kids at his private school to offer what the public high school has in terms of classes or extra curricular. He could do all of that easily if only the anxiety and depression weren’t so bad.  I have also seen the Autism come on much more strongly now that he is older. SPD is still a huge deal especially around food.  I’m trying to get in touch with a local program to try working on it again.  They haven’t returned my call.  I will have to try again.  I understand he may not get in due to Covid.  However, I’m sure there is a waiting list.  I would at least like to get on that.

I am also worried about “E’s” anxiety and social anxiety issues.  Before the Coronavirus hit we (myself and my son’s therapist) were working on doing desensitization therapy with my son. Now we can’t do that. I fear that being inside so long will have reversed any progress we have made.  It may even set him back further.

I did get him out to see a unauthorized art install at the singer Prince’s former home.  He actually really liked it.  We were the only ones there that early in the morning.  So no need to social distance.

Well that’s the update.  Everything is wait and see at this point.  I hope you are all managing during this pandemic.


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