May Journal Prompts

May has rolled around quickly.  How is everyone doing?  I’m doing really good.  I apparently quarantine great!  Although the family is weighing on my nerves a bit.  I still love them but is there any way I can get solitary confinement?  Just asking.

Here are 10 Journal Prompts for you to write about for the month of May.  Enjoy!

1. Have you ever experienced a natural disaster? What and where?

2. What is your favorite piece of jewelry to wear? Tell it’s history and why.

3. How did you get your scars?

4. Do you internet “stalk” people.  Do you check up on your cousin Marie, the captain of your high school cheer squad etc.? Write about who and why.

5. Have you ever had a supernatural experience?  Do you wish you did? Write about either.

6.What is your favorite color? Why?

7. What is your feel like age?  Why?

8. Write about when you used your first computer or cell phone.

9. What would make you happy?

10. Name one movie and one tv show you could watch over and over again. Why?

Here are you 10 journaling prompts for May.  I hope this will help you pass your quarantine time.

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