Listening to: Pussycat Dolls, Podcasts, and the sound of UPS, USPS,FedEx, Amazon Prime and Hyvee Grocery trucks drive up and down the street all day.

Tasting: Making as much veggie food as I can.  Trying to eat up all my food in fridge so none goes to waste.

Watching: Star Trek Discovery, Star Trek Picard, (CBS all access), and The 100 (Netflix) and waiting for the next installment of The Mandalorian (Disney).

Reading: Just started reading “Fierce Fairy Tales” by Nikita Gill.

Making: Trying to make a few new recipes and 1 box or brownies.

Feeling: Surprisingly good. Less anxiety and depression.  I’m not going anywhere so there is nothing to trigger me.  I know most people are complaining about being “on lock down” but I am enjoying it.

Planning: Not much.  Working on my goals more. Only looking a few days ahead at a time.

Loving: Sleeping alone.  I have horrible allergies right now.  My constant throat clearing drives my husband nuts. So he is sleeping in the guest room so I don’t keep him awake. I have come to realize we keep each other awake during allergy season.  I start coughing/sneezing/clearing throat, then he tosses and turns which shakes the whole bed, which keeps me up, so I notice my nasal drip despite medicine and thus the cycle starts again.

Enjoying: Not being rushed.  Although I would love to get out and go somewhere like the mall or a museum, I’m fine with doing things at home. I don’t have a lack of projects here.

What have you been up to lately?

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