5 Fave Blogs You Need To Check Out

I know a lot of people are probably bored out of their mind over these last few weeks. Everyone is looking for something to do.  You can only clean so many things, work in your yard, or watch endless series on Netflix.  Let’s face it, daily Covid-19 updates are not helping either.  It can all get a little depressing.  So here are five of some of my favorite blogs.  They are a great distraction.

  1. The first blog I would like to recommend is a popular one.  It is the interior design blog: http://www.desiretoinspire.net. I have followed this blog for years. I love that they feature different types of interior design.  The beautiful photos make this blog.  It’s a great way to mentally travel to another country or redecorate your home.
  2. Number two is http://www.madeleineolivia.co.uk. I’m a big fan of Madeleine Olivia on YouTube. She works hard to keep her life sustainable,  minimal and earth friendly.  On her blog find recipes, ideas, advice and updates on her home remodel.  She’s great fun to watch. Check her out.
  3. The next blog is a design blog called “Making It Lovely.”  http://www.makingitlovely.com.  It is run by Nicole an artist who has spent a great deal of time redoing the homes she has and currently lives in Chicago.  I have followed her blog for many years.  I remember when she sold her first home for the Victorian she lives in now.  I remember  when her kids were born.  Most of all I read the blog for her great and colorful style.  Check her out!
  4. The fourth blog I would recommend is “Midlifechic.com”. It’s a British Blog founded by Nikki Garnett.  In this blog, Nikki discusses style, beauty, travel, and family from the point of view of those in the middle years of life.  Always elegant, real, and straightforward Nikki has made some great associations along the way that elevates her blog above the others.
  5. Last, but certainly not least is the blog  “Myscandinavianhome.com”. I love Scandinavian style.   I love this blog, not only for the amazing photos of various types of interiors all over Scandinavia, but Nikki the website founder is also the author of several books.  Check out her chic sight.

I hope you love these sites as much as I do.  Let me know what you think.  Happy Reading.

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