Journal Prompts for The Covid-19 Virus

Okay, I get it.  Who wants journal prompts about the current pandemic?  If you are a journaler, you most likely do.  This is a point in time that people don’t often see more than once during a lifetime.  So to write as much as you can about it will not only record this historic event but capture how you and others feel during it.  Here are 10 journal prompts for Coronavirus.

1. When did you hear about the Covid-19 virus?

2. What fears do you have or did you have about the virus?

3. How do you feel your government has handled the virus response so far?

4. How has your life changed due to the virus?

5. Whose advice do you value in regards to the virus?

6. Where do you get your information on the coronavirus? Why do you use that source?

7. What are you going to change in your life after the virus is over? Are you going to prepare for the next one?

8. What shortages are going on in your area?

9. How do you think life will have changed once the virus runs it’s course globally?

10. How are you passing the time while on “lockdown” if you are on lockdown?

Are there any other things that you could write in your journal? Let me know in the comments.

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