My Top 5 Reads During Lockdown

How is everyone doing on Lockdown? Looking for books to order?  Here are my five top recommendations to read during Lockdown.

One of my favorites is “Skeletons on the Zahara” by Dean King.  It is based on a true story of a shipwrecked crew on the coast of North West Africa.  Taken prisoner by area Nomads, they are killed, sold, and worked to near death by their captors. Some are never heard from again.  A lucky few are rescued by a desert trader and freed to return home.  This is their story of survival, rescue, and how one person can change the course of your life.  A best seller, Discovery channel also did a show based on this novel.

My second recommendation is for a series of books by artist and author Nick Bantock. I love, love, love this series.  It is not only a story, but a piece of artwork.  You follow the fictional correspondence of two characters named Griffen and Sabine. The book is made to read like you are reading their actual letters.  You get to pull out of envelopes letters and unfold them.  Read unique postcards they send each other.  Evey time the mystery and plot continue to move forward.  This is an incredibly short read, but the beauty of the art and the novelty of the design make this series worthwhile to read and own.

For number three I am going to recommend a feast for the eyes. A fairly new book called “Pretty City London: Discovering London’s Beautiful Places” by Siobhan Ferguson. Many photos are from the Pretty City London Instagram account.  Get ready for a beautifully made book full of beautifully shot photos.  Ferguson really seems in her element with flower photos. Filled with not only with pictures but commentary too, Siobhan tells you what neighborhoods to visit including lists of her favorite Mews.  A great coffee table book, Pretty City is also a must read for anyone going to London and wanting to get off the beaten path.

Number four! My fourth book is a work of fiction.  It is very much in the vein of “The Diary of Bridget Jones.”  The book is called “Elegance” by Kathleen Tessaro. A quick and funny read, the story follows Louise Canova, who is unhappy and lets the  “self loathing from childhood reoccur in her current life.”  Then one day, she finds a book in a second hand bookstore that changes her life. Out with the old and in with a new, fresh and sometimes hilarious look at life.

Five is the book “Memoirs of a Geisha” by Arthur Golden.  This New York Times best seller is a fictionalized account of Saiyuri as she is taken from her fishing village and sold to a Geisha house to learn the art of being a Geisha. It follows both the good and bad aspects of Saiyuri’s cultivation into a centuries old tradition.  Golden is able to weave a vivid picture to the west of Japanese culture and life from the pages of this book.

I hope you love these books as much as I do.  What are some books you are reading to pass the time?


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