5 Things 2 Organize

Here is February’s list of five quick things you can declutter.  As with previous months I try to pick things that can easily be overlooked.  You know to get rid of newspapers, junk mail, old clothes, broken toys, but I want to give you a few more things to think about.  This month, like January, we are going room to room.  Today’s room is the family room or den.  You can even substitute the playroom if it needs more work.

1. Games.  Do you still play them? Do they have all their pieces? Don’t forget to include video games and puzzles in this category.

2. Miscellaneous Knickknacks. Is you fridge overflowing with souvenir magnets?

3. Extra Photos and or frames.  Is your mantel or wall cluttered with school photos of your nieces from grades k-6 but they are in college now?

4. Candles.  Still have the pepperoni pizza candle you got as a white elephant gift in your side table?  Do you have a half-burned stub of a candle sitting on your coffee table full of dust? Time to let it go.

5. Remotes.  Everyone is always losing their remotes.  Then after you have replaced it or discontinued service for it you find the remote again?  Only now you have forgotten what it (the remote) was originally for?  Time to check to make sure all you remotes are current.

Happy organizing!

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