What To Have In Your Basic First Aide Kit


What is needed in a first aide kit?  Most of us are not going to need a hard core, commercial type of first aide kit.  Often first aide kits are a reflection of the life you lead. The kit you are going to have if you are a rock climber varies from the one you have if you live in the grasslands of Nebraska.  Start by getting a basic kit.

A basic kit should include:


disposable gloves

band aids (aka plasters or adhesive bandages for minor cuts and scrapes)

gauze roll/ gauze pads/gauze tape

hydro cortisone ointment


adhesive bandages

cloth tape

antibiotic ointment and antiseptic wipes

aspirin or some type of pain reliever

anti nausea (if needed)

upset stomach medicine/heartburn medicine*

anti diarrhea medicine*

allergy pills (if needed)

gallon zip lock bag and sandwich zip lock bag


*Depending on preference of brand these may be separate pills or an all in one medication.

If you read my original article on a Basic First Aide Kit from 2017 you will see that it has changed.  I have reduced the number of things needed in my basic first aide kit.  My original list was for disaster emergencies.  While being prepared for a disaster/emergency is important, I wanted a basic kit for the home or car to start off. In the future, I will post on additions for emergency kits. Anything I have forgotten?  Let me know in comments!

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