What Is Happy Mail?

What is happy mail?  Lately, happy mail has been making a comeback in letter writing circles.  While there isn’t one meaning the general idea for all happy mail is the same.  To brighten someone’s day.

When I started writing to pen pals in the 1980’s there wasn’t anything that anyone knew as happy mail.  Ironically, since snail mail has been reduced due to the internet, happy mail has been on the rise.  The first type of happy mail is a single piece of mail that people will send to anyone.  This category includes a birthday cards, Christmas cards, postcards or a short just thinking of you letter. People have been sending this type of mail for ages.

The second category is a more modern take on happy mail. Happy mail contains goodies that the receiver would not normally expect in a letter.  Enclosures in the letter can include paper, stickers, tea bags, postcards, and the like.  Often, creative pen pals will send items that the receiver can use in a future letter, art project or journal.

The second category is not different from including little gift items you can send letters to friends. It’s basically the same thing. I personally make the distinction by saying happy mail for me is when you send goodies to someone who you do not normally send mail or gifts to.  This can be a letter service for military personnel or cancer patients.  Or you can join a happy mail group on Facebook. To me a one off envelope is what distinguishes happy mail from a regular mail.

What do you think happy mail is?  Have you ever received it or sent it?

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