Quick Look: My Capsule Wardrobe Basics


Since I finished my first cull out of my capsule wardrobe I thought I’d start posting photos of what is left.  First up are my t-shirt tops.  The above photo is of my long sleeve t-shirts. I have black, grey, green and navy.  I have 2 of each long sleeve shirt.  Navy has two different shades and so does grey.  The photo below is of my short sleeve t-shirts.

I have those shirts in azure blue, grass green, navy, grey, a pattern, and black.  I have two of each as well except for the pattern and black.  Those I only have one of.  I also plan on getting a white T-shirt.  While white isn’t in my wardrobe color choices, I think I can add one t-shirt without ruining the capsule wardrobe idea.

I also know capsule wardrobes have on of each item.  You often see in blogs and articles shirts listed as one black, one white, one purple and that is it.  Yes, I have more than one. I don’t think having only one of each item is realistic for me and my life.  I can’t do laundry that often.  Also, as you may have noticed by the photos, clothes fade.  I don’t want to purchase a lot of dry clean only stuff to maintain color.  I prefer cotton.  So I have a few more than one.

Look out for more updates on my journey to a capsule wardrobe.  See how I adapt it to my life and how things work out.  Soon, I hope to put up outfits as well.  How is your capsule wardrobe coming along?



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