5 Things To Unclutter For January

Since we are starting a new year I have decided to change up the monthly “5 Things To Declutter.”  Instead of five random things I am going to be giving you five things in the same room.  So one month it will be bathrooms, another entry way etc.  Hopefully you will enjoy this new method of decluttering.

We will start the year off in the kitchen. Here are five things to declutter this month in your kitchen.

1. Coffee Mugs. They really seem to multiply don’t they? It seems so many places give free mugs out.

2. Vases or plant pots. Are you only keeping the ones you love or any thing that flowers came in?

3. Cook books. Do you still use it?  Is there only one recipe you like in it?

4. Condiments. Check expiration dates!

5. Old sponges, kitchen towels, and pot holders. Are any looking old and tired?  Wash them or toss them.

Happy Decluttering.

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