Update Part II

Hello Everyone.  Here is part two of what is going on.

My son didn’t want to visit family in another state for the holidays.  He had two reasons for this I think.  One was he was afraid of travel, and the other was he was worried my parents were going to die while he was at their home.  As I have said before, he fears loved ones dying.  My father in law died over a year and a half ago from natural causes.  My son blames himself for it.  He was in the hospital for a suicide attempt and because he wasn’t at home where he could of “done something” Grandpa died.  I’ve told him that there was nothing that he could have done.  Grandma couldn’t do anything, the police couldn’t do anything, the paramedics couldn’t do anything. My heart breaks for him.Besides, Grandpa was at my brother in laws home which is not anywhere near our home.  It’s about 45 minutes away by car.

Anything negative “E” doesn’t want to feel, doesn’t want to experience. I’ve tried to share with him that only feeling good emotions is impossible.  You can’t be happy twenty-four hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. It’s not normal, its humanly impossible.  Having negative emotions is normal.  It’s part of life.  You don’t cure normal.  While I understand what he is feeling, I can’t seem to get him to grasp the concept even at 13.  I hope he can get a little bit of a thicker skin. It’s to the point where everyday living seems like a burden to him.

My anxiety attacks have been ongoing.  They come and go depending on the severity of the stress at any one given time. I have been managing the reappearance of them and I’ve gotten the severity of them down quite a bit.  I’m not having to rely on a tranquilizer as much. I’m taking an extra tranquilizer about one to three tablets a month.  Which is how the medicine is supposed to be used.

In addition to anxiety and increased panic attacks I have been feeling sick.  My stomach always hurts.  I’ve been keeping track of when they occur and its almost every day.  My whole digestive system is so far out of whack from stress.  I’m not sure when this will clear up. I’m starting to look at my food. I don’t think it’s causing the pain and problems but maybe it will be a contributing factor.

The first things I am cutting out are coke-a-cola and dairy.  Coke has been my so to soft drink for decades.  I just love the taste of coke classic.  In the last six months I get ill after drinking it.  Odd.  So that will be gone.  Then dairy will go away mostly.  I think I may have a slight intolerance to dairy but only time will tell.

In other news one of our cats came down with a bladder infection over a month ago. It lasted a little over a week. Poor cat started to pee on things.  Fortunately I saw this right away and took him to the vet.  Very odd behavior for this cat.  He had a bladder infection and bladder stone. So on antibiotics he went.  Fortunately, the infection is gone as are the stones.  Now both cats on a urinary tract special food diet.  They have shot a few dirty looks the first couple of times we gave them the new food.  Now they seem to like it a bit more.  I’m just glad everyone is healthy again. My son is so connected to them.

Finally, right before we had Christmas break we had a major pluming issue. Our somewhat new sink from our renno started to leak. Apparently, the people who installed the sink made some water line too taut and that caused it to leak.  Our baseboards and wall are discolored which is how we saw it.

We contacted the plumbing service we normally use. Set up an appointment and then had them cancel on us twice.  So it took a month to get them out.  Don’t even get me started on that. I have a feeling that the plumber wasn’t told with 100% certainty of the leak.  Sometimes my husband will not accurately explain things, but think that he has. Anyway, the initial guy who came out checked the whole house out.  In addition to the leak he was here for he found a spot in the ceiling, said our brand new sink was starting to get clogged from mineral deposits, and we may have a leak in the wall.

Ugh.  If everything was as bad as he said, we would need to spend $6000+ to get it all fixed.  Not only that but the major leak in side the wall would require another plumber to cut into the ceiling and wall to check for the leak.  My brand new ceiling and wall, the one we painted a few years a go.  Oh no.  So the plumber fixed what he could and said the other plumber would be out in a week.

The second plumber came and installed the water filter (we already had a softner).  Then he worked on seeing if there was a large leak. He did have to cut a small hole in the ceiling which he was able to fill with a hatch but he still had to go in the wall.  Fortunately, that bathroom was right next to the garage.  He was able to cut the wall through the garage instead of wrecking the interior paint job.  What a relief.   We also got better news when he told us there was no leak but just noise from the pipes. So no where near the cost of what they had originally told us. That was a bigger relief!

So here we are.  It’s the New Year.  Trying my best to enjoy the Christmas vacation by doing absolutely nothing and eating anything and everything I want. I think I deserve it.




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