5 Things To Quickly Declutter


It’s the day for a quick list of five things to do to quickly declutter your home.

1. Fall/Winter coats.  Go through all your fall and winter outwear to see what needs to be replaced, cleaned or what can be let go.  Winter is almost here.

2. Boots.  Are your winter boots waterproof still?  Do you need warmer ones?  Do your kids? Time to “pair” down.

3. Hat/Gloves/Scarf. I’m sure you knew this one was coming.  Who needs replacements.  Do you have a matching set?  Warm enough?  Only one glove? Let it go.

4. Unsubscribe from three online email lists.

5. Combining.  It could be condiments or cleaning products.  If you can combine like with like, do it. Do you have six bottles of the same kind of Windex.  Put them together into one or two.  Remember, do not combine different brands of the same cleaner or different cleaners together.  You can get toxic fumes! Safety first!

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