3 of My Favorite You Tubers to Watch


I must admit that YouTube is not my strong suit.  However, in recent months, I have developed a list of shows I watch on a regular basis. Below I will list three accounts that I love to watch and why I watch them.  I hope you find something to enjoy!

Madeline Olivia-Madeline is a you tuber with a phenomenal following. She is young, British and into anything that is eco-friendly. She often posts on veganism, budget eating, waste free living, minimalism, remodeling her new cottage and I’m sure coming soon her dog. I enjoy listening to Madeline as she is very authentic and shares genuine thoughts and feelings with her audience.  Her ideas and recommendations are not unachievable for the average person. When she wins, you know.  When she loses, you also know.  Add to this a pleasant personality and and ease with her audience makes Madeline a pleasure to watch.

Audrey Coyne- Audrey’s account is about fashion. An American based in the southeastern United States, Audrey displays class and practicality without extravagance when putting together capsule wardrobes.  She will also cover travel, makeup and jewelry.  An easy speaking voice and simple videos show an understated elegance and style which she is known for. Also great for sustainable fashion ideas.

Justine Leconte- My final account this time is by French designer Justine Leconte.  Justine lives in Berlin, Germany.  She discusses fashion design, clothing meanings, proportion and fit, entrepreneurial endeavors and general living.  Justine explains in very simple terms various fashion ideas and vocabularies.  She also has a way to giving a presentation in an almost class like way, that is more like a conversation with a friend than a learning opportunity.

I hope something of the above three caught your eye.  What you tubers would you recommend watching?



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