5 Things to Declutter Right Now


Clutter, organizing you hear about it all the time.  It seems so overwhelming doesn’t it? Where to start?  Each month, I post five items for you to work on.  Some of them may seem obvious, others obscure.  The end result is to get it done and not be overwhelmed.  Here they are:

1. Start with your mail.  What can you do electronically?  Can you cancel anything?  Can you get off catalog mailing lists?  Try to reduce what you are getting.

2. School papers.  Do you really need your eight grade book report?  Some term papers you may want to keep if they were really amazing, or you plan on continuing your education.

3. Family knickknacks.  Your mother really wanted you to have your grandmother’s ceramic duck collection.  Now you stuck with thirty ceramic ducks that clash with your Victorian decor. First know that it’s okay to get rid of them.  If you associate the ducks so strongly with your grandmother keep under five favorites and either sell or donate the rest.  No one wants you to display things you don’t like.

4. Email lists and applications you no longer use.

5. Souvenirs from vacations past.  Do you really want that broken conch shell? Are you ever going to display that British flag? If not let it go.  If you got a souvenir that is really amazing and you like it, keep it.  Just try to display it.  My husband and I for awhile got glass paperweights from different areas. Once we got enough we switched to something else. We still display those beautiful paperweights.

How was that? Not too painful I hope. Remember just do little bits at a time.  You can do it.

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