10 Fashion Terms to Know


It’s time for our monthly installment of ten fashion terms you should know.  In this article I put terms that you should know or are interesting to know.

Amulet: Small object believed to possess magical powers–a good-luck charm worm as protection against evil by primitive people and surviving to present time in various forms of jewelry.

Egyptian Cotton: A high quality long tape strong and lustrous cotton produced by the Nile to make fine fabrics.

Androgynous: Possessing both male and female characteristics. Popular fashion elements in the 20’s and several other decades.

Elastic: Stretchable tape originally woven with rubber yarn now uses Spandex and other similar fabrics.

Angola: A term for fabric made of 75% to 80% wool.

Goggles: Protective glasses, usually with shatterproof lenses in wide frames wrapped around the head, attached with a strap around the head and worn in sports.

Angora: Fuzzy yarn made from the under hair of the Angora rabbit.

Gray Goods: Textile term used to describe unfinished fabrics as they come off the loom.

Applique: A pattern on the surface of the fabric made by cutting out fabric and attaching it to another fabric by embroidery and stitching.

Haute Couture: Highest quality custom made clothing.

Those are your ten fashion terms for the month of September. I hope they were interesting and informative for you.





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