10 Bujo Lists That Free Up Mental Clutter


Do you have a bullet journal yet?  I started last year integrating some bullet journal elements into my normal journal. I’m not 100% sold on some elements but I love the lists that are used.  It helps me to remember what I need to get at the store, ideas for future projects, birthdays, contact info and more.

Here is a list of ten lists to try yourself.

1. What donations you have made for the year.

2. Dates of sales to shop.  It can be time of year, or an upcoming one.

3. Debt balance.  This one can be numeric or do a graph.

4. Makeup and skincare products. Nothing is worse than trying to remember which of the ten creams is the one you use.

5. Social media time.

6. Political candidates/stance on issues.

7. Festival dates and seasonal activities. I hear about so many things I want to attend after the fact.  Put them on a list for next year!

8. A list of your favorite wines.

9. Restaurants. You can organize by district (area of the city), or restaurants to try or ones you love.

10. Memberships.  I’m not talking passwords here but which ones you have. How often are they renewed?  How much is being charged?  What the phone number is…


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