5 Quick Self Care Ideas for Better Health


I’m still trying to combat stress at home.  Sometimes I forget to do something for myself.  I often think “Oh I’ll do that tomorrow.”  Then when tomorrow comes you put it off just one more day. You get the point.  So I am once again trying to get myself to do a little nurturing for myself.

Here are five things I am going to do this month for myself.  It’s a little starting point to dive deep into some new ideas and care of the self.  Do you have any quick self care tips you would like to share?  Let us know in the comments.  While you think on it, here are my five for this month:

  1. Do five minutes of stillness.  I know people who meditate rave about meditation.  I however, find it very difficult and a waste of time which irritates me more.  So I have decided to try just five minutes of stillness.  I wont be listening to music or television.  I won’t be sleeping or moving about.  Just still.  Fingers crossed I get this one accomplished!
  2. Get some sun.  I’m a natural redhead.  I also have a ton of allergies.  I try to limit my exposure to the great outdoors.  Even with all my sensitivities we all need some sun. I could try to get mine with the five minutes of stillness or perhaps reading a book or eating.
  3. Do a deep conditioning treatment on my hair.  Use a buildup remover and then a deep conditioner packet and let it sit.  Time to make the hair healthy and shiny.
  4. Send a quick email to a friend.  We are all so busy and have so many different schedules to follow, personal interactions sometimes falls by the wayside.  Drop a quick line to someone you haven’t spoken to lately.  Keep those lines of communication open.
  5. Chose one new type or new piece of music to listen to.  If you like rap try classical, into country try trance.  You never know what you might enjoy if you try!

Those are five for this month.  Which ones are you going to try?  Remember to let me know below.

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