5 things to Clean


Love this photo from the Unsplash website.  So beautiful.  A few days ago, I had posted 5 things to declutter.  It’s time for it’s sister list: 5 things you need to clean.  Here are 5 things that need a quick clean.  Happy cleaning!

1. Window Coverings.  When was the last time you laundered or dry cleaned your drapes?  Have you wiped down your blinds? Get going!

2. Clean under large furniture items like sofas etc.

3. Vacuum your air vents.  Get that dust out of the grates!

4. Wipe off you light switches.

5. Clean your coffee maker and toaster.  We use them everyday, but how often do we clean them?

There you go, your 5 for July!


5 Things to Declutter

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I’m not a minimalist by any stretch of the imagination.  I like stuff.  I don’t like a ton of stuff, but just enough.  This is why I love to declutter and organize.  I do it year round.  There is something relaxing about seeing a clean and organized pantry.  That’s why I do monthly lists in both cleaning and decluttering.  It’s 5 quick things you can do over the month to keep tabs and value your possessions.  Here is this months 5 for you.

1. Clean your hall or front door closet.  The one with all the shoes and coats.  Donate, toss or move stuff from this high traffic area.

2. Check all your condiments in the fridge.  Make sure nothing is past use by date!

3. Do the same with your freezer.

4. Do under the kitchen sink.

5. Clear off your dining room table.

Happy organizing and decluttering.



My Life With Clothes


Since I am writing more and more about my wardrobe I decided to write a series on my relationship with clothes.  I plan to write about how I related to clothing through the years. How my feelings on clothing changed and what I learned about fashion.

I guess I should start at the beginning. I think my mother was always disappointed in the fact that I never wanted to dress girly.  More specifically preppy, a style which my mother adored. I love dark clothing.  I would often wear the dresses she was so fond of but I would wear them with some moderation like unique socks and shoes.

I came to realize that my mother and I had very different taste in clothes.  I would be a few years before I could get my mother to stop having an influence over my clothes.  At University she was named to the best dressed list. Even today, she gives her opinion.  I try hard not to follow it. I’m never satisfied when I follow her advice for clothes.  I like what I like.  I prefer dark colors with only one of two bright ones.

As the years went on I took classes in makeup and clothing. I even appeared in ads in local and national papers.  I helped style photoshoots for photographers.  At this point I loved fashion.  I would watch and read whatever I could on it.  Each Saturday, without fail I watch the TV show “Style with Elsa Klensch.”  I was transfixed by the beautiful gowns of Vera Wang, Bob Mackie, Ralph Lauren, Chanel, and Christian LaCroix.

I had never seen so many beautiful things. I loved when the designers were interviewed and new jewelry designers were shown.  It was almost fairytale like for me. Everything was presented elegantly.  Even when avant garde. It was like watching a snow globe.  It was a beautiful scene that you could see but never quite be a part of.

As I started to get older I began to think what I wanted to do with my life.  I wanted to do something creative which made my family angry. Creativity was stupid.  I got a lot of things said to me which should have not been said.  I kept my thoughts to myself. I began to plot my escape.

I went to school for two years in the United States taking basic courses. Then I transferred to a design school in London, England. This was the single best decision I ever made in my life.

On to England in Part 2.


Fashion Terms for July


1. Worsted: A type of yarn that is made up of long wool fibers that are twisted and combed.  It can also be used to describe fabric that is woven or knitted.  The fabric must be made with the long wool fibers which are carded or and combed to take out the small fibers.  Fibers are further transformed by gas or flame to remove more short fibers.  Then the fabric is pressed.

2. Watch Fob: A short chain or charm engraved with initials and attached to the pocket watch.

3.Vinyl: Is a man made material that is made of plastic and can have many attributes including, but not limited to, tough, shiny, and see through. Often used as an exterior fabric for waterproofing or to resemble natural leather.  Examples include boots, raincoats and shoes.

4.Tulle: A term that refers to a fine and sheer net fabric that can be made of a variety of sources.  Mainly used for wedding veils, and fancy dress items.

5. Tailor: A term for an industry professional who can make, alter and mend clothing of various types. Also can be used as a term to refer to fit of a garment.

6. Starching: Is a finishing process of fabric in which the fabric is dipped in a solution, and pressed with heat.  The fabric is rendered stiff, but it is not a permanent state.

7. Ballet Slipper: A soft and flexible foot covering which has a minimal sole and no heel used to dance by women and children or a street style that is made to be worn outdoors of more sturdy materials than the shoe covering before.

8. Ascot scarf: A rectangular shaped scarf which often worn loosely at the neck by men and women.

9. Mourning Clothes: Clothing that is often black,  and worn for funerals, and mourning periods.

10. Mesh: A material made of flexible metal linked together to form types of garments or other fabric types of uses.

Want to know the definition of a fashion or clothing term?  Write it below and it may appear in a future list of this monthly feature.




July Journaling Prompts


It’s July already!  Can you believe it?  Summer is going by so fast.  I hope you are having a great one.  Here are your July journal prompts.

  1.  What do you need more of in your life?
  2.  What do you need to let go of?
  3. Listen and detail five times you were really happy.
  4. How do you show love?
  5. Describe, draw or paste a photo of your favorite outfit.
  6. What is your favorite cake or pie?
  7. What is your favorite brand of makeup?  What do you own of it?
  8. Who was the last person you wrote a letter to?
  9. Have you missed something this summer that you were hoping to go to?  Make a list for next summer of things to do.
  10. Write about one of the podcasts, youtube, or television shows you watch.  Describe it and why you like it.

Happy Writing!