My Furry Alarm Clocks Part 2


You read all about my dog Boo.  Now learn about the latest edition to my family.  Our new rescue kitties “May” and “Winter.” The two of them are brothers.  They are from a litter of five cats and were the last two left.  We originally went to see May the black and white “tuxedo” cat.  On our way to the fosters basement she said there was another cat left too.  That they were brothers.  The minute she said that, I knew I was going home with two cats.

My son was with me.  So I asked him to pick a cat.  He looked at me and said “Mom, I can’t separate them, they’re brothers.” So I called my husband, and he said it was up to me.  I agreed and we took home two cats.  We had driven about an hour to get them.  I had originally sent out inquiries about 16+ cats up for adoption.  It was a range of kittens to adult cats.  I think we looked at four rescue groups total.  The only two cats were available, these two.  All the kittens needed to do was to fulfill one major requirement.  The cats must get along with dogs.

What I have found, however, is that in rescue speak “good with dogs” means they may have seen a dog.  Once. At a distance. In passing.

So the two kittens fitted into a single carrier together for the over 45 minute car ride home.  All the way May gave the most mournful wail.  Both tried to escape the carrier.  May was successful.  I had to drive with one hand and hold onto him with the other.  His brother, Winter the grey stripped cat, just sat in the carrier as still as possible.


Finally, we arrive home.  Our Australian Shepard ran to us and sniffed the newest members of the family.  Winter hissed at her.  Boo quickly ran away, she is scared of mean cats. So we took the two fur balls up to our guest bedroom where we had their litter box and food set up. Our family planned to introduce them (Boo and the cats) to each other.  The cats had a ton of toys and beds to choose from.

It took about a month for us to let the cats have the run of the house.  We moved the litter box to the basement.  Their food to the kitchen.  Then various toys and beds were relocated to the rest of the house.

The cats have made themselves at home.  May is pretty mellow, he likes to sleep on the couch, in the chair in my office and by my feet in bed.  In the morning when my husband wakes up he feeds them they run after him and meow to get their food.  They know when the dog barks they get fed too.  Copy cats.  May, our tuxedo, will run to where the dogs food is kept and meows.  Just in case we forget to feed the dog first.  He also meows when the dog is ready to come in from outside.  Just in case we miss her.  May loves Boo. Winter, our stripped cat, has also started to do this.  Which I find funny.  He’s the one that is always biting the dog.  Don’t worry, the dog doesn’t feel it. She just gives me this look of “why did you bring them here?”

Once we get to their food,  they start purring and rubbing up against your hands making it hard to dish up the food without spilling it.  Then May comes upstairs and meows next to the bed (if I go back to it or am still in it).  Once I acknowledge him, he hops up and curls up in my arms for tummy rubs. When he wants attention or food he always meows.

Winter also likes tummy rubs but has to be in the mood for them.  He has become my buddy lately.  Always wanting to be by me.  Winter likes to suck on fuzzy blankets and knead them.  I have read that cats who are taken from their moms too young do this.  I know that these guys were taken too young.  When I see Winter do this, I just pet him and tell him it’s okay.

Winter is our brave and curious one.  He is fascinated by everything and has to experience everything.  I finally understand the phrase “curiosity killed the cat” by having Winter.  He has jumped in the fridge while open.  In the washer, dryer, cabinets, bathtub and toilet.  We must always keep the toilet seat down in this house (I’m out numbered by men) as Winter thinks it’s a drinking fountain.  Cats!

Each has their own distinct personality and likes and dislikes.  May likes to carry around small things.  His favorite toy is a bottle cap.  The plastic ones on coke bottles.  He used to love these little plastic flower cat toys that the foster had.  I searched all over the internet to find them.  I bought a bunch but I think the bottle caps are easier to carry around.  Winter likes things that move.  Especially if those things have feathers.  I can’t tell you how many of those wand toys he has destroyed. I have to hid my hair twist ties as both kitties are obsessed with them.  They have to carry them and chew on them.  The have also destroyed all my husbands shoe laces.

Thankfully all pets get along fairly well.  Each was a rescue pet.  I think they really know that this is their forever home.

*Thank you all for waiting for me to return to blogging.  As you know by my updates, life has taken an awful turn. I plan, but some things are more important than the blog.  I still enjoy doing this and hope to continue. Thanks for reading!

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