Chores for kids ages 11-16

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Chores and age appropriateness.  It’s always a difficult struggle.  What can you kid do?  What should your kid do?  Why are his friends doing X,Y, Z and not your child?  Everyone is at a different spot.  Here are some ideas for chores you can start your child on between the ages of 11 and 16.

1. Do the laundry.  They can wash, sort, dry and fold.  Make sure to cover towels and bedding too.

2. Shop for groceries.  Making a list, checkout, take home and put away.

3.Iron clothing.

4. Do yard work. Can they start using the lawn mower? Hedge trimmer?

5. How about cooking?  Can they make one meal a week?

6. This is also a great time to start side jobs like babysitting and snow shoveling.

What other chores do you have for your older kids?

One thought on “Chores for kids ages 11-16

  1. I think chores are great for kids, and the more meaningful the chores are, the more motivated they will be. I’m not a fan of money for chores, though I certainly wanted the money, even argued for it, and got a few dollars per week. But looking back, I realized I should have done the chores being part of the family.
    I think when children feel part of the family, and when time avails, parents and children work on some things together, then chores are more meaningful. Work together making some meals. Work together with dad fixing the brakes. Spend time together. Say “Tom” is mowing the law. Occasionally, Dad can go out and trim the bushes while Tom is mowing. Or when mom is developing an atrium, the kids can help. This makes things “together.” Or say, the dog needs walking. Okay, one person walks the dog in the morning, another at night, and one is given the chore to play ball or frisbee for a few minutes after school or work. Next week, the lineup changes. All this can be put on a board for all to see. Then, everyone is part of a team: Team family.

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