10 Fashion Terms to Know


Fashion has so many terms to know.  There are whole encyclopedias devoted to it. Each month I list 10 new fashion terms for you to know.  Some are common, others obscure.  This monthly feature is designed to be a fun, informative read. I hope you enjoy!

Adaptation: A term used for a interpretation of an expensive designer/couture garment into a less expensive style, not a direct copy.

Adelaide Wool: A merino wool from Southern Australia that is considered high quality.

Backstitch: A term from sewing which means to reverse the stitch on a sewing machine. Used to secure thread.

Balaclava: A hood that covers the head and shoulders while revealing the face.  Named after the battle of Balaklava during the Crimean War.

Chou Rouge: A deep reddish-purple color.

Christening Dress: A long, detailed dress which may contain beads, lace, and embroidery worn by babies during  a baptism ceremony.

Diamante: A sparkle effect. Like the effect of a reflection of gemstones.  French term meaning “made of diamonds.”

Drape: The hang of fabric in a garment.  A quality of a garment.

Down (feathers): A term for a soft fluffy feathers from ducks or geese. Used as lining or fill for insulation in vests, jackets and coats.

Genuine Pearls: Pearls taken from saltwater oysters which were made by a grain of sand in the oyster.  Expensive and rare.

Enjoy your month!



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