5 Ways To Save Money


Saving money, saving money.  Those words often keep running through my head. When I was young I thought that I”d have a ton of money.  I would be able to own amazing  things and never worry about bills.  So young, so naive.  To be realistic, saving money is part of the plan. Always.  Often ways of saving money mean you have to nickel and dime it. Below are some ideas to help you along the way.

  1.  Don’t save credit card info on your computer/iphone.  Make yourself get up and get that card.  Even that tiny act of waiting can make you think about whether or not you really need something.
  2. Get your books from the library.  Ok, I’m really guilty of not doing this.  I justify my expenses because I love to read obscure books.  I rarely get best sellers or common reads.  However, I really need to consider this next time I am in the bookstore.  Thank God for iphone photos.  If I want a book I can just snap a photo and next time I am at the library I can look it up.
  3. Meatless Meal Nights.  Everyone knows about meatless Mondays.  How about instead of just Monday, you do meatless Monday, and Wednesday?  Or Monday, Wednesday, and Friday? Meat is expensive.  Eat in season veggies.
  4. Batch your errands together. It not only saves gas, but also time!
  5. Do your laundry in cold water.  It costs money to heat up water for the wash cycle. Your clothes will still get clean.

There’s you 5 for this month.  Happy saving.

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