10 Things to Clean

5 Things To Clean(4)

It is time for my monthly installment of 10 things to clean.  We all know to clean the floor once in a while or the windows, but what about other smaller items that go unnoticed?  Do you clean those? Here is a monthly list of those often forgotten items that need a once over with a rag, or bleach if need be.

1. Vents.  In the floors, the ceiling, the walls etc.  They get dusty.

2. Toilet bowl brush.  When was the last time you replaced it or the container it is housed in?

3. Shower caddy.

4. Base boards.

5. Air purifyers

6. Fans.  Wipe them down before you need them this summer.  Maybe use a little canned air?

7. Table lamps. Dust the shades and bases.

8. Winter shoes/boots.  Now is the time to get your winter footwear cleaned or repaired.  Give your winter dress shoes a good polish and check to see if the heels need replacing.

9. Winter coats, hats, gloves etc.  Time to wash what needs to be, make sure everything has a match and no stains before you put them away.

10. Bathmats.  Seriously, when was the last time you put them in the wash?

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