Some Quick Ways to Save Money.


Money.  We all need it.  We all want it.  Yet, it seems to be depleted in record time.

I’m always looking for ways to save money.  A penny here, fifty cents there, maybe five dollars if I’m lucky.  My son says “Mom, what don’t you do one thing that saves $100. Then you don’t have to look for deals.”  True, large savings would be helpful.

I would love to have several things that I could simply do and save a ton of money. Who wouldn’t?  Life isn’t like that is it?  To save money you have to look at everything. You can save a few cents here, a few dollars there, get a discount or a BOGO and you are on your way. It’s the accumulation of actions, not the execution of one actions that brings results. So in my quest to hopefully save enough money, I am going to be writing a few blog articles on “Ways to Save.”  This way what I learn I can pass onto you.

Some of my solutions will be no brainers.  Some will be old advice.  As I get further and further into the topic I hope I will be able to present you with some unique advice or ideas to put into practice in your own life.

Below is my first post on some ways to save money.  This first one is pretty basic right? That’s my foundation.  Hopefully we can expand on this topic well into the year.  What are some ways you save money?  Let us know in the comments.

1. Keep a wish list.  I learned this when I had a kid.  It helps to prevent impulse buying.  Write it down and look at it later.  The desire to have it may be gone.

2. Keep a basic maintenance schedule. Servicing things like your car or air conditioner can help prolong its life.  Spotting problems and maintaining your things will help you save money.  As someone who had to replace a washer, air conditioner, and furnace due to previous owner neglect, maintenance is the way to go!

3. Invest those pennies!  Take a small amount and invest it.  While it isn’t saving money, it can help you make money. Money is what were after right?

4.Record Expenses. This is one simple method that is really effective.  I personally found this method to be the most revolutionary of all the ways you can save money. It will also help you set up a budget. If you do one thing on this list, this is it!

5. Barter.  Not a common way to save money, but it can be done. Can you trade one skill for another?  Can you mow you neighbors lawn and can they give you a free haircut in exchange?  Something to think about.

6. Insulate. Yup, getting rid of drafts in your home.  Keeping the heat in, or the cool air can save you lots.  Yes, there is a minor outlay of cash, but the end result will be worth it.

7. Used vs New. When I was younger I hated using used items. To me it was gross.  I was a bit germaphobic when I was young. What I came to realize is that used clothes and Ikea furniture is great when you are starting out.  You can save a lot more money in the long run.  I bought all new furniture when my husband and I got married.  Then we had our son.  He threw up on it, spilled stuff on it, you get the idea. Then we got a dog.  Well I’m sure you know how that goes.  Almost all our things were damaged by the time our son was 8. If I had used furniture or Ikea stuff it would have been much cheaper and easier to get rid of.

8. Corporate Discounts. Does your work, university alumni office or other organization offer discounts. Save on your gym membership or insurance.  Check with your HR department and see what they offer.

9. Lower Temperature.  This is my brother’s big tip. I’ll be honest.  For most of my life I’ve been freezing.  I like my temperature to be around 72 degrees Fahrenheit.  My brother prefers 67 degrees.  He does save on his electric bill.  He also does a payment plan to help space out evenly the bill.  It helps him not to have a large bill in the winter or a small one in summer.  It is evenly spaced out during the year (bills).

10. Air Dry your clothes. I didn’t know the savings would add up for this!  I read in a magazine a few years ago that using your dryer costs up to $16.98 a month to run.  That can add up too.

Do you have some tips to save money? Let me know below.

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