3 Ways to Stay Productive

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What are three things that I use to stay productive?  Well, they might sound easy, but I have found the following ideas keep me on track best.  What are some of the ways you stay productive?  I ‘d love to hear from you in the comments.

The first way I stay productive is to write it down. Easy right?  Well, yes it seems simple but you would not believe how many people fail to do this.  I know that sometimes I say, oh I’ll remember this, or I’ll write this down later, then forget to. I have discovered that keeping multiple lists is what is best.  This means that I have paper and pen in my purse, one in the living room, one by the bed, my phone, a journal in my office, you get the point. When inspiration strikes, I’m ready. Each Sunday I put them all on a master list that is located in my office. This helps me plan my week out and make sure I cover everything.

The second way I stay productive is to declutter and toss things out.  The main two areas I do this in for productivity is the car and my purse. In both my car and purse I have everything I need to function for the day. Cleaning these two things out once a week keeps me on track.  Plus, seeing things organized for me is calming.  What are your areas that help you get started for each week?  Is it the hall table?  Your desk?  Let me know in the comments.

Finally, the third thing to keep me productive is a little step I call “bring it with you.”  I am constantly going to appointments, waiting for people, or going somewhere.  So while I am stuck places I use this unused time to my advantage.  I read a book, go through bills, write a letter, make appointments in my calendar, listen to a podcast etc. It keeps things interesting, helps pass the time, enriches me and of course keeps me productive!  If you don’t like to carry things around try keeping a small box or bag in your car with magazines you want to read. Then when you are waiting in the school pick up line give reading a try!

What are some more ways you stay productive?  Let me know in the comments below.


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