I’m a little MIA.

Good Evening Readers,

Here is just a quick note to update you on what is going on and why I have not been posting.  Things have gotten quite stressful at the moment in my home life.  My son who has a variety of things wrong at this point has been having greater problems.  This takes up quite a bit of time.

Recently, I have also had some bad news in regards to my mammogram that I had.  I had some anomalies that needed to be looked at via ultra sound. One of the problems is a benign cyst, the other is unknown.  So now I am waiting to be scheduled for an MRI. I have breast cancer on both sides of my family.  So needless to say, I”m pretty stressed out.  I don’t know anything is wrong yet.  So I will have to wait and see.

I am also having some stress related illnesses at the moment too. So I haven’t been doing as much as I would like.

My remodeling is almost completely done.  I just need to have the painter back for touch ups and have an electrician hang up a heavy chandelier.

I plan on working on the blog over the Christmas Holiday so look for more posts then.  Thanks for reading.



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