3 Things About Me


File this under getting to know your blogger. What are three things that I can tell you about me?  Hmmm, I wish I could say I have something amazing and earth shattering, but I don’t. I’d love to be the person to tell you that I love skydiving, or every evening my family and I sing songs around a campfire while sipping gourmet hot coco and s’mores.  I don’t. Believe me, I wish I did!!

  1. My favorite childhood book was by Judy Blume called “Starring Sally J. Friedman as herself.” I must have read that book over 50 times. Once the librarian told me that I couldn’t check it out because I had to let someone else check it out. So that book sat in the library until a week past and I could check it out again.
  2. I am a cat person.  I have a dog, but I am a cat person.  I have always loved cats.  When I was a child I would walk around the fields around my house looking for stray cats, hoping one will come out and play with me.   I was finally allowed to have a cat in junior high school.  Once that cat died I didn’t have another.  Too busy. When my own son wanted to get a cat we looked at various animal shelters.  Unfortunately, I started to sneeze and get a stuffy nose. So I went and had myself tested.  Yup, allergic to cats! Noooooooooooooooo!!!!!!
  3. If I won the lottery I would do two things.  One is travel. The other is go back to school.  Okay, most people would travel.  I also love to learn.  I don’t know if I’d get a degree but I would definitely take classes in areas that interest me.

What is your favorite childhood book?  Do you have a favorite animal?  What would you do if you won the lottery?  Let me know in the comments!


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