10 Fashion Terms for November.


Balaclava- Head covering that only shows part of the face. Intended for cold climates.

Brand- Brand is a name, label, or mark assigned to a product by the manufacturer.

  1. Trademark- Word, design, or device assigned to a product or service by owner. Trademarks can be registered so that no one can use them.
  2. Oxford- A basic shoe style that either laces shut or is closed with some fastening.
  3. Pile- Loops or tufts made by cutting loops so they stand up on the surface of fabric to form the surface texture.
  4. Acetate- A Man-made fabric with a high sheen and doesn’t cling. Frequently used to line garments.
  5. Aglet- A metal or plastic cover on the end of shoelaces to keep them from coming apart.
  6. Ascot- A scarf that is tied under the chin.
  7. Babushka- A scarf shaped like a triangle that is normally worn on the head.
  8. Basque- A tight fitting bodice.

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