Winterizing Your Car Kit


It’s that time!  Winter is right around the corner. Don’t forget to winterize your car kit.  For me living in a snowy climate it is a must. Roads are treacherous and no one might see you go off the road!  I grew up out in a rural area and driving in the middle of a blizzard was required more than once.  Even now that I live in a suburb I still have this kit.  It has come in handy too!

  1. Ice scraper Kind of a no brainer right? It’s amazing that so many people leave their ice scrapers in their garage.
  2. Food/Drink- If you’re in your car for hours you want to keep hydrated or well fed.
  3. Book- Again, pass the time waiting for a tow truck.
  4. Blanket- If your car won’t start, how will you stay warm to help arrives?
  5. Gloves- Keep large warm gloves in your car.  We all wear gloves that are not warm but practical.  We can hold our phones, our lattes, but how warm will you stay if you have to walk or wait for help?
  6. Matches/Candles- If your stuck at night you can still see and it gives you a sense of comfort.
  7. Kitty Litter- I use this for two things.  One is to keep a little extra weight in the trunk of my car.  The second is to use it for traction if I am stuck in the snow.  I have actually used this several times in recent years.  Our street and driveway are steep.  Sometimes the roads get so slippery we cannot drive up them.  I put a little kitty litter in certain spots.  It helps me drive up the hill.  My husband used to make fun of me for having kitty litter, now he doesn’t!
  8. Hand Warmers- This is just like the gloves.  Keep those fingers and toes toasty!
  9. Extra Clothes- Wearing wet clothes will lower your body temperature.  Not good!
  10. Boots- You may have to walk if your stuck.  Get ones that are warm and have good traction.

There are other things that I include in my winter car kit like a shovel.  I would use the  shovel to dig my car out of a snow bank.  What else do you include in your winter car kit?


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