Top 10 Date Night Ideas


Sometimes I think I should have called my blog “The Ten List.”  I am always doing lists that have ten items on it!  I hope you don’t get sick of me and my lists!

  1. Comedy Club.  Get on the mailing lists of several local comedy clubs. You will be able to find new comedians for you and your significant other can enjoy.  Go to an open mic night even.
  2. Theater.  My spouse and I are on all the mailing lists of several local theaters.  We always find out about great new plays and events that are not normally promoted.
  3. Go To A Unique Sporting Event. Been to a Curling competition? How about Lawn Bowling? When was the last time you went to a Soccer game?  Check with your local high school or college.  Look for leagues in your area.
  4. A Museum.  Okay, most people know to go to a museum but which museum?  Is there one or two main museums that you always go to?  Look for different, smaller museums and non-traditional displays at other landmarks. You might find a gem.unsplash36
  5. Try A New Workout. Athletic couple? There are so many gyms that now offer a free class to try out the location.  Tried Barre Fitness?  Pilates? Find an area of fitness you haven’t done and go together.
  6. Community Education.  Does your area offer Community Education?  Does the local Y offer classes?  Take one and try it out.  My local Community Education offers a variety of classes in cooking, furniture repair, art and more.  Gain a skill that you don’t have and have fun.
  7. Go Fly a Kite.  When was the last time you used an actual kite?  Were you a kid? There are some great adult style kits that you can pick up.
  8.  Go to a Wine Tasting.  Wine bars or new brew houses often have tasting events you can attend.
  9. Have a Home Spa Night. Who is going to say no to a massage?
  10. Go on a picnic.  Make some new food or order from you favorite gourmet food place.

What is your traditional date night?  How can you change it and make it unique? Tell me in the comments.

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