10 Things 2 Declutter


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I must admit I love to toss things.  Cleaning and organizing makes me happy. I love to look at an organized closet or pantry.  I find it relaxing.  I hope I’m not the only one!

Here is a quick list of 10 things you want to take a look at throwing away.

  1. Lotions.  Check your sunblock, bug spray, and more.  See if they have gone bad. Can you curtail what you have?
  2.  Colds and Flu meds.  These expire quickly.  With cold and flu season upon us make sure you are not short on meds when you need it.
  3. Perfume. See number 1! Do you have a perfume that you haven’t worn in awhile?  Can those be let go?
  4. Soap. Have some old bars of soap lying around? Time to let them go. This includes handsoap, laundry soap and more.
  5. Travel Sizes.  Travel a lot?  Is your collection of mini lotions the envy of all who see it?  Do you use them? Time to let some go.
  6. Cleaning Products. Do you have six containers of Windex?  Was it on sale?  Time to let some of it go.  Donate it.  Give it to a friend.  Keep the amount manageable.
  7. School Papers.  Have every piece of paper your child has done for the year.  A great solution I have is to have an in basket.  Every time my child brings home papers they go in the bin.  After semester grades are in I go through the bin.  I keep a few papers for the scrapbook and toss the rest.  Grades are in so they don’t need them anymore.
  8. School Supplies.  Do you have six red folders?  Years of buying school supplies for my son means I have several extras.  If the new school year is starting you can reuse some of them.  If you have too many extras see if you can donate them to the school or local kids program.  You get rid of clutter and kids get the supplies they need.
  9. Old Technology. Have three cell phones in your dresser drawer?  Time to recycle them.  Check with your local waste disposal company as to discarding them.  Also several non-profits will take you old donated cell phone and reuse them.
  10. Belts.  Yes, the things that hold up your pants. Our weight changes and we buy new belts.  We keep them long after we discard the pants or dresses the come with.   Time to let them go.


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