5 Manners 4 Kids


One of my features I have been doing on this blog is a short list of five manners that kids can be taught.  Part of this is in response to raising my own son.  I am always thinking “Am I raising my child right?” or “What have I not done for him?”.  Manners are one of the things that feel are passing by the wayside.  In addition, manners today vary widely from place to place and family to family.

  1. Making eye contact.  This is a hard manner for people who are shy.  My own son “E” is painfully shy.  He has trouble making eye contact.  We always make the effort to remind him.
  2. Using correct grammar.  What I mean by this is saying “I have to” instead of  “I hafta.”
  3. Vocal tone. When they are pre-teens they always have that exasperated tones.
  4. Writing a friendly letter. Just the basics.
  5. A Basic table setting. A little better than dumping the forks and knives in the center!

Sometimes manners are just basic.  Not overly complex but easy to remember. It’s a great place for kids to start.

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