Disaster During Our Remodel!

New Cabinets going in!

Well our remodel hit a snag! We were abandoned by our contractor.  So now we are scrambling to get our project done.  We started our project to remodel our main level in our home in mid-May.  As of the end of September, it still is not finished.  It was supposed to be done at the absolute latest by the end of July.  Our contractor stopped showing up and returning our calls and emails.  Thankfully the big box retailer (Lowes) we booked them through has been trying to help us.  They are getting their other contractors to try and finish our project.

Cabinet doors and new lights.

Of course the other contractors have their Fall schedules filled already.  So we are being sloted in between jobs. Which we understand.  You can’t sideline someone else’s job to complete yours.  Our kitchen and main level is about 60% finished.

Our kitchen cabinets are in and our sink is running.  Some of the cabinets need shelving put in yet, and molding done.  We need electrical on our dishwasher, garbage disposal and outlets completed. We also need plumbing done for the dishwasher and for the half-bath.  We also need molding and touch ups done in the half-bath, living room and front entrance.  We also need the molding redone on all the doors.

Floor to ceiling cabinets. Storage!

Slowly but surely it is getting done.  The Lowes manager has been very good about communicating with us.  People have asked us if we would use Lowes again due to what has happened.  We have responded “Yes.” Lowes didn’t let us down.  It was the contractor.   In fact, once Lowes learned of the contractor leaving the stepped in to make it right.  If we had just hired the contractor without going through Lowes we would have been out of luck (and money.)

The painter has started.
Bathroom is painted. New flooring in.




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  1. I’d be pretty upset about a contractor just vanishing on me with such a big project undertaking. You’ve got more composure than I. Hopefully the remodel works out for the best.That is a hell of a lot of cabinet space in the kitchen. I live in a crummy apartment so I’m stuck with a “barely able to move while cooking” kitchen.

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